Suburbanites Should be Frightened by Joe Biden’s Housing Plans

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  1. I think that moving poor people out to the suburbs is cruel. I was very poor when raising my kids–I was even on Welfare for a while (which is not as much fun as you’re led to believe from watching those who cheat). If I had been living in the burbs back then, life would have been even more difficult.

    I had no car–couldn’t afford the gas, never mind the car payment–and needed to live around stores and have buses to ride. I had to live fairly close to the schools my children attended, and the library, etc, for us to have any kind of real life.

    I’m old now and living in suburbs close to a city, but walk 1.4 miles to a laundromat and the library (closed now for Covid) is quite a hike as well. The local “convenience” stores are very small and quite some distance away as well. I have to hike the same 1.4 miles to vote and the Church is close to the library. The only positive thing is that the city I left is heading too far Left, and I’m not having to drag little kiddies around on all these hikes. I could never live in the suburbs when the kids were small.

    • In LA County, it’s at least $2 million to move to the suburbs. You won’t see any poor people anytime soon.

  2. Hello:

    I have lived in the suburbs all my life except that I was born in Philadelphia. We lived in the suburbs of NJ for about a year when I was seven years old with my Nana and Pop Pop with my two brothers and my mom and dad so that my mom could go out to work so that they could save up for a down payment on a house in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It was their dream house with a 1/2 acre of land and a Split Level home with three bedrooms and an extra room in the third floor which later on became my bedroom. We, children, went to Catholic grammar school and walked there. It was a very nice neighborhood and lots of children to play with and it was safe but of course my parents needed a car for my dad to get to work in the city and later on my mom needed a car too as we had no public transportation. I think the government should stay out of the suburbs with their woefully ill working ideas and plans. Leave the suburbs alone. We don’t need people forced into the suburbs thinking it might help them. I never liked the city and hardly ever go there. Some people love it and that’s their choice. Where one lives should be their choice and not the governments. My mom and dad worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to live there. Things only became easier as they were in their late middle ages. We were not poor but we were not rich either. I live in the same area of the suburbs I grew up in but now I live in a double-wide mobile home that looks like a small rancher. I am 73 years old now and still love it here.