Teacher Told Fourth Graders Not to Tell Parents About Survey That Asked About Their ‘Gender Identity’ — Here’s What Star Parker Said

A girl named Haley Asgard told a school board that last year when she was in fourth grade, a teacher asked the students to complete an “equity” survey during distant learning. The teacher told her she couldn’t skip any questions, even if she didn’t understand them. One question was what gender they identified with. The government asked fourth-grade children this question. But it gets worse — if you can believe it.

Asgard said that she and a lot of other students were confused. One boy who didn’t understand asked the teacher whether he could ask his mother to explain the question. And here’s where it gets worse. The teacher told him he was not allowed to ask his mother, and they were not allowed to repeat any of the questions to their parents.

Even the most leftist parent should be alarmed by this. Parents teach children not to keep secrets from them and to always tell them if someone has hurt them or makes them feel uncomfortable. Adults are supposed to safeguard children from others who would take advantage of them. And here we have a teacher in a government school telling children to keep secrets from their parents. This undermines parents’ safety precautions.

Asgard said this made her feel uncomfortable (as it should) and nervous. “My Mom always says I could tell her anything, but she also tells me I can trust my teachers, too.” Asgard said that being asked to hide this from her mother made her feel very uncomfortable, as though she were doing something wrong.

Star Parker recently appeared on Victory News to talk about what’s going on in our schools. She believes we should start moving away from a public school system altogether. The host asked Star about Asgard, who’s mother told her to always trust teachers. Parents should not teach this anymore.

Star said you have to wonder why other teachers aren’t speaking up about this and thinks the unions have a lot to do with it. “Schools have been one of the places parents always told their kids to go to their teachers if anything happens.” But when teachers tell students to keep secrets from their parents? “It’s over,” Star said. “The party is over. We should no longer have a government-controlled system over educating our children.” Star’s segment of the video begins at 5:51.

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  1. Teacher’s becoming nothing more then tools carrying out order of the nazi socialist government, It’s does not matter what your color of skin they want to control you your children your grandkids, As more of us all Back, Brown White Americans see how corrupt they have become ,they got to try and do this to stay in power.Because if we unite and stand together they know they will loose so divide us teach this evil to our kids keep trying to scare us into submission and tell lie after lie and cover up the truth.Is all they have left.

    • Homeschooling is probably best (but you run the risk of thousands of different versions of American history, the arts and social-sciences).

      • Merdies, that risk is negligible if you do a small amount of reading first – from history books that are 50 or more years old. Then you can choose the better coursework, or even design your own. (And sorry – I never home schooled my daughter so I may be oversimplifying here, yet I know parents who want to teach the truth will seek it out.) But no matter what, the risk in public schools is far greater!

        May God bless you and your family! Chuck