Teachers Unions Won't Be Happy About What This Court Just Ruled

blackhomeschoolersWORLD reported that 2,400 K-12 low-income students in North Carolina will be allowed to receive tax-funded vouchers to attend private schools — up to $4,200. The state’s highest court ruled 4-3 in favor of school choice. An excerpt:

“Most Americans have school choice, but it is only available if you have money,” said Renée Flaherty, an Institute for Justice attorney who advocated in favor of the grants, known as opportunity scholarships

The program derailed in August 2014, when North Carolina Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood declared it unconstitutional.

“Appropriating taxpayer funds to unaccountable schools does not accomplish a public purpose,” he wrote.

The dissenting high court justices agreed with Hobgood that a lack of standards between public and private schools was problematic. “When taxpayer money is used, the total absence of standards cannot be constitutional,” Associate Justice Robin Hudson wrote for the minority.

But Chief Justice Mark Martin noted a large percentage of low-income students attend underperforming schools.

Star Parker believes that breaking teachers unions will help bring about school choice. These organizations essentially are political advocates for the Democratic party, and they support other liberal advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood, presently mired in scandal for selling aborted-baby body parts.

Homeschooling is also an option. “A new study shows that minority families want to be in charge of their children’s moral instruction, and that many African American children are benefiting from homeschooling nationwide,” Star wrote on her Facebook page. “This is why I support school choice. If it works for your child, then you shouldn’t be penalized.”

More freedom, real choice, and less government dependence should be the top goals for all families.

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