Tense! Watch Star Parker Defend Temporary Ban on Muslim ‘Refugees’ Entering the U.S.

I was interviewed by the UK’s Channel 4 News about the immigration pause from certain countries.

In this video, you will see me debate a representative of CAIR and call her out for her double-talk, and how I defend our country’s culture, and Israel, our friend in the Middle East.

As always, let me know what you think!

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  1. So why wasn’t Star allowed to finish her statements? The Muslim lady needed to zip her lip when someone else is talking. Why didn’t the moderator keep better control?

  2. Christopher Richey

    I love Star Parker…but…after 30 seconds of being told that America sending a message to the Muslim world that “we don’t want Islamic terrorists here” after 20 years of being blamed for CAUSING Islamic terrorism by being IN THEIR COUNTRIES, I just couldn’t wait for the take down. Sorry, Star…I’m sharing it anyway though!

  3. Star, I’m pretty sure that Our new President is a big, I mean Huge fan of yours, as we are too! Keep up your excellent work!

    • Elder James E. Williamson

      Who is this Black Conservative, Starr Parker? A classic House Negro? Where does she get her talking points? She sounds like a mouthpiece for Trump. Where was she on the issues of the ? deaths of so many Blacks at the hands of police?

  4. I sure wish that they would have let you talk Star!! Thank you for all you do!

  5. Who’s this “we” the mooslim is talking about? We DON’T want mooslims here in America. Her included

  6. Thank you for standing up for our Western values! Great to hear strong voices like you defend our way of life and our relationship with Isreal.

  7. You cannot talk to someone who doesn’t listen. Good job Star representing the opinions of those here with me.

  8. Typical of all these Muslims who get on tv to discuss the problems we have with muslims! they’re so busy blathering on and interrupting that no one else gets to engage in the conversation!! This just goes to the heart of the issue, that they can’t even be civilized enough to hold intelligent discourse! Good try keeping it under control Star!

  9. Etien De Lamothe Cassel

    I was so looking forward to the assimilation of clitorectomies, honor killings, sharia courts, gay executions & other benefits.

  10. CAIR is just a front organization and fund raiser for Islamic terrorists.
    CAIR an most Islamists do not recognize Western law under our Constitution they want to impose sharia law in America.

  11. Good response Star and it seemed it was a 2 on 1 debate. I wish you would have been allowed to finish your thoughts without interruption. Good job.