The Alaska Supreme Court Struck Down the State’s Pro-Life Laws — This is What the Governor Did in Response

If abortion is such a good thing, why can’t Planned Parenthood survive on donations from all the pro-abortion Hollywood actors and actresses who make millions? The abortion mill receives a half billion dollars in tax money every year. All the organizations boycotting Georgia over pro-life laws can keep Planned Parenthood in business.

Taxpaying Americans who oppose the slaughter of the unborn and don’t want any of the money they earn even paying for the electric bill contribute to an organization that could survive (pardon the pun) on money from “pro-choice” individuals and businesses.

State legislators seek to defund Planned Parenthood, and courts strike down the laws. In Alaska, for instance, lawmakers blocked taxpayers’ money from going to an organization in the business of ending life in the womb. But the state’s highest court ruled earlier this year that regardless of what taxpayers want, they must contribute to killing unborn babies.

Mike Dunleavy, the pro-life governor, just vetoed $335,000 for the judiciary’s budget. Why? So the court can “pay” for abortions (emphasis added):

…Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy has ordered that since the state is being forced to fund abortions, this funding will be taken from the Supreme Court’s budget.

In a budget document released Friday, the administration stated: “The legislative and executive branch are opposed to state-funded elective abortions; the only branch of government that insists on state-funded elective abortions is the Supreme Court. The annual cost of elective abortions is reflected by this reduction.” The amount of money withheld from the court in the governor’s budget veto, $335,000, is equivalent to the amount spent in 2018 on abortions.

The Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the pro-life laws violated the state’s constitution guarantee of equal protection because it treated pregnant women differently based on “exercise of reproductive choice.”

This is what Roe v. Wade has wrought. Hard-working Americans paying for abortions don’t have options. Women who don’t want the precious children growing in their wombs certainly do.

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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