The NAACP Opposes School Choice for Low-Income Children — Here’s What Betsy DeVos Thinks

The NAACP opposes school choice for low-income parents, some of whom are black. Advancing “colored” people stuck in government schools doesn’t seem to be on the organization’s agenda. The NAACP called for a moratorium on new charter schools, for instance.

The NAACP joined a teachers union lawsuit against Florida’s tax credit scholarship for low-income families to send their children to better schools. Sources reported in May that three local NAACP branches in California came out against the national NAACP and voiced their support for school choice.

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, told LA School Report last month she thought the NAACP was “mistaken,” and “not really acting or speaking in the best interests of those they profess to represent.” More from the interview:

In your talks with people in black communities all over the country, do you find that their views reflect the NAACP’s position, or do you think the organization’s views are not widespread?

There’s a disconnect between the leadership of the national organization and some of the local chapters …and parents and students. I think there is a clear disconnect.

What makes you say that?

All you have to do is talk to one or more students who have had the benefit of education freedom and whose life trajectory has changed completely as a result. This is what more kids need, not fewer. And more opportunities need to be offered to kids who are stuck in schools that are not working for them.

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