The Disrespect for Marriage Act — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

This week on CURE America with Star Parker, we dive into the “Respect for Marriage Act” — and how it’s anything but. The bill has been promoted under false pretenses with the hollow claim that it provides religious liberty and conscience protection.We’re also rejoined by Neal McCluskey, Director of Cato’s Center for Educational Freedom. McCluskey takes us inside the latest developments of the court orders against Biden’s student loan forgiveness, including the actions of several states and organizations (including CATO).You can find the show on our website or catch it live on Monday nights at 7 p.m. EST on the NRBTV network.

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  1. God bless Star Parker and Jonathan Alexandre for their stance their courage their biblical Christ honoring!! I’m praying 🙏 for Herschel Walker here in Georgia to unseat a wolf of sheepclothes next Tuesday!

  2. The one area that I would respectfully disagree with my friend, Star, is when it comes to Black Preachers/Pastors. As a Black Pastor, I’m very sorry to say that in many cases when it comes to these cultural issues, Black Pastors have led their People astray in order to stay in the good grace of the Democratic Party, and especially with People like Barack and Michelle Obama! I’ve seen on too many occasions when the issue of TRUTH was on the line and when it came down to whether we would obey GOD or the Democratic Party and Barack, we chose the DNC and Barack! It is for this reason that I do not deal with many Black Pastors today; I do not trust most of them, especially when it comes to their sincerity and in their ability to stand for God’s Word. They will cave, for the most part, and will still deceive themselves into believing that they are in good standing with the Lord.

    • Let’s toss out politics in this case:
      During the Civil Rights Movement, African-Americans were not protesting against any specific political party. Both sides had come up woefully short in terms of addressing the vital issues of the day that directly affected the present lives, future and posterity of Black people. It was Scripture and the precepts of Jesus that far outweighed the U.S. Constitution and “states rights.” Black pastors have been at the forefront of voting rights, civil rights, workers rights (unions) and so many issues that have encouraged African-Americans to maintain hope and be energized about their role in brighter future for our beloved country.

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