The Effects of Socialism Are Right Here in America

If you want to see socialism, you don’t have to hop a plane to Venezuela. Just go to California — Compton, for instance.

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, said just look at inner cities, where Democrats are in control, and you will see what happens under a socialist regime. It’s not pretty.

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  1. Maria Kotschessa

    I am so glad that I found your Site. Although I am a white woman I am appalled at how Planned Parenthood is using the black community for their advertising and reasoning for why abortion is needed. Their facebook page from June 8th states that abortion bans will hit struggling people trying to make ends meet the hardest. They mention people of color, LGBTQ, and low income people as having no other options if abortion bans take effect. I am deeply insulted. That to me is profiling and such a racist statement. People of color DON’T need anyone talking for them as if they have no voice! Black people are not just low income people that keep getting pregnant. People of color are intelligent, successful, and wonderful Parents & Individuals. The kindest people I have met have been people of color. It’s people like Planned Parenthood that keeps them down with the brainwashing that they can never be more, and that poverty and getting pregnant is all they can expect. I am so sick of seeing the black community being portrayed like this!!! It must stop. I support a strong America…and that includes supporting our wonderful black community who should never be used for an agenda. We need each other and are so much stronger together!

    • Thanks for reading!

    • Maria: I’m a 63-year old Black woman and I appreciated your comment as you’ve pointed out what’s blatantly obvious to people on the Right yet seems to not even be noticed by people on the Left—regardless of race and I just don’t get that. The Left uses Blacks and other minorities as an excuse to further their own agenda. Whether it be “all Black women are going to lay down and die without PP” to “strict Voter ID laws disproportionately affect “people of color” and on to “drug testing for people applying for Food Stamps disproportionately affects Blacks and Latinos. This is what the Left thinks of us. I was taught that what other people think of me is none of my business. Planned Parenthood targets minorities yes, however, I believe just becomes someone is selling something doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Birth Control, is easier than getting an abortion, so I wonder why there isn’t more of use of it.

      I am incapable of self-control (this is only true for hood rats) and have never even heard of birth control so I keep getting pregnant and having abortions (the abortion rate is high in ghettos

      I don’t have a photo ID, can’t figure out how to get a photo ID, there is no DMV in my city and can’t afford a photo ID anyway! I never needed a Photo ID, no one ever asked me to show any ID, all I ever had to do is be Black and smile. That’s always worked for me.

      Drug testing applicants for Food Stamps is racist because being Black one must be a drug addict.

      The brainwashing comes from many sources: false prophets, false religions, con men, opportunists, race hustlers, poverty pimps, hate groups, Marxist ideology, Socialists, Communists, (Communism has been in Black neighborhoods since around the 20’s-30’s but it didn’t actually catch on until the turbulent 60’s), “mail-order” Rev’s, diluted Christianity, so-called “Black Leaders” (opportunists, grifters, snake-oil salesmen), White Elitist Foundations (Ford Foundation meddling in the inner cities caused riots as they clashed with Black Nationalists), Crap Rap (there’s no way this noise lasted 30+ years and not be a PsyOp, and Democrats (The Democratic Party is the same racist party it always was. LBJ was a virulent racist and with his “Great Society” he just used honey instead of vinegar to brainwashing. The Democrats give the illusion of help. They give just enough to keep Black people in the inner city mollified but not enough for them to rise up and out of there. Democratic Policies are not safety nets, they’re traps—almost like Roach Motels. Easy to get in harder to get out. To me, their racism is overt and very obvious. The Left doesn’t see people as whole 3 dimensional human beings. They see people as parts of groups. They assign an identity to each group and a “script”. Deviation from assigned identity and “script” is met with backlash. Remember how Kanye West was treated? Insulted, ridiculed, demonized, bashed and trashed—ALL by other Black people. I was furious. I got on Twitter, WorldStar and bashed them all back in spades! I mean, if that’s the way we ‘re going to treat each other, then these Black people have no right to bash White people for any reason.

      Planned Parenthood is a vile reminder of who Margaret Sanger was—a “Hitler-In-A- Skirt”. I was so angry when the Left started tearing down all those historical monuments I could have punched walls. They didn’t take down that statue of Robert E Lee because they cared how Black people felt—they did it to start a riot! I know them all too well. I’ve been seeing them for 40+ years do their damage. If the Democratic Party cared how Blacks felt, they could put Robert E Lee back and defund Planned Parenthood! How could they possibly believe that a statue of a Confederate general who has been dead for 150 years would be offensive to me but an organization founded by a Eugenist who wanted to exterminate my race that’s operating in the present day would not be? What offends the Left and what offends the Right are two different things.

      There used to be a lot of pro-life Democrats but they were pushed out of the party by the Progressives (Communists). Jesse Jackson used to be pro-life until it became inconvenient for the Democratic Party, he then abandoned that view. You can’t trust a lot of these “Gatekeepers” because they’re really only out for themselves. There’s no such thing as a “Black Leader”. People who need leaders probably will never be leaders. Every snake-oil salesman, con artist and grifter is lined up around the block in Black neighborhoods to be the next “Black Leader”! Black people have to STOP playing “Follow The Leader”. Their following demonic Pied Pipers and the only place they lead you is off a cliff and into the abyss. Follow The Leader” is a silly game for kids. However, it’s a dangerous, even deadly game when played by adults.! If the Devil knows you’re a follower he will always be your leader no matter who you’re following until you choose the one true God and ask Him to guide you back into His Light! Jesse Jackson used to be part of the solution, now he’s become part of the problem.

      There was sone Democratic Congresswomen who wanted to exempt Black babies from the Heartbeat Bill! Ralph Northam is still Governor of VA because racism and infanticide is the official platform of the Democratic Party and he knows it. He knows that if he were the only Democrat running in an election, Democrats would vote for him—even Black Democrats . The “Gatekeepers” would spin a narrative to get them to “fall in” as usual. It makes me angry, very angry. It also makes me sad and very confused. I love Star Parker because she understands how the Left thinks. She used to be a Liberal and bought into their ideology until her Christian conversion. Then she became Conservative. Star is also only one year younger than me. She’s also overcome a lot in her life and I find her uplifting and positive. Larry Elder and Walter Williams are also excellent columnists.

      The Left likes to spin the narrative that all Black people are poor, downtrodden, oppressed, victims living in ghettos. That isn’t true. There are plenty of Black people who are doing well and have done well in America. My Godmother and her sister were millionaires. My Godmother was a principal of a school for pregnant girls who invested wisely and her sister Carol was a pediatrician who lived in a townhouse on 86th Street in Manhattan. Unfortunately, she didn’t do any estate planning so it’s all in “didn’t do any estate planning” fund (I forget the name of the fund). My Godmother did, though, and she thought of me. My father had a brother and a sister from them I have two cousins. All are homeowners—got regular loans from a mortgage company, no subprime. My father got his HS Diploma when I was 4. He started working his way up after getting his diploma. He got better and better jobs until my family was able to move out of a ghetto in 1970. If they could do it , anyone can. The only thing holding Black people in the ghetto back is they’re not putting God first and they need to tear up “The Script”. All it takes is putting God first and then mutual cooperation—my parents got married and stayed married and both worked because it takes two incomes to move up in life. It takes hard work, sacrifice, budgeting, goal setting, a thick skin and a whole lot of pride. I’m an only child because my parents felt it would be two hard to get out of a ghetto with another mouth to feed. That’s the sacrifice. My parents supported the Civil Rights Movement, of course, but they didn’t have time to march up and down the street. They were too busy working trying to get out of a neighborhood that was changing for the worst.

      I’m still puzzled as to when “the ghetto” became “the Black Community”. We called it what it was—the ghetto. A ghetto is not a community. A ghetto is an incubator for all sorts of destructive ideology, anti-American, hate, Communist and criminality. A “Community” suggests an area with some sense of stability and a level of safety—an area that you can take pride in. A ghetto is none of those things. If Black people are calling a ghetto a community that’s half the problem right there. I wasn’t allowed to even get involved in any activities or anything going on in a ghetto. The only thing I did in the neighborhood was go to church and the only churches I could go to was the Episcopal Church I was raised in and the Catholic Church. My church was most made up of West Indians. My mom’s family were immigrants from Barbados. Bajans are all raised in the Anglican Church (Episcopal Church in the U.S.). Different groups knocked on our door asking for donations (Black Panthers), asking if my mom and I wanted to take classes (Nation of Islam), buy bean pies, etc. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Black Hebrew Israelites—these are all false religions. Louis Farrakhan is a dangerous false prophet. The NOI is NOT a religion. It’s a Black Separatist hate group/criminal organization/terrorist masquerading as a false religion. Farrakhan is particularly dangerous because he has ties to the Alt-Right, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, KKK, the Middle East (he was a good friend of Qaddafi). In 2011, he purchased the auditing technology from the Church of Scientology and made leaders in his congregation learn it and participate. This is scary. That technique in the hands of a psychopath like Farrakhan is not going to be used for anything good. The His shady organization has been operating since the 30’s. He’s responsible for a number of murders. Yet, Black people kiss this man’s ass like he’s some kind of royalty. The Million Man March scared me because this was done to accomplish two things: 1) It was a test of Farrakhan’s power to draw in mainstream Black people—from entertainment, literary, broadway, films—a who’s who of Black culture. And 2) to fund the Economic Development Fund, 3) it was a membership drive for Left Wing organizations, and new ones were formed. It was also encouraged voter registration and how do all those people vote? Democrat! All those new groups? Left! That’s what the Million Man March was for and it was partially funded by that other “tin god”, the Rev. Sun-Yung Moon (deceased). Why would grown men need to go trotting behind some Anti-Semite, Black Supremacist, and psychopath to have him tell them that they failed and they have to “promise to do better” by their families and their communities. The whole premise for the march doesn’t even make sense unless you know who Farrakhan operates. I read that some people were “torn” because they don’t agree with his teachings. Most Black people don’t. However, they went anyway. Pastors have let this false prophet preach in their churches. That’s blasphemy! They let a demonic Pied Piper into God’s House. If their churches are not working, this is why! There’s no way Louis Farrakhan’s NOI has been around this long unless he’s serving some purpose for someone or some entity. He has gotten away with too much. Blacks seem to forget Farrakhan killed Malcolm X because Malcolm X was going to expose the NOI for what it really was. I also believe he’s got his hand in the Hip Hop industry. Another reason Farrakhan is scary, is that he’s the only one who can unite all the false religions, hate groups, gangs in this country. They will all bow at his feet. That should scare everyone—just a little. What should disturb people a lot is that Farrakhan HAS to be Deep State. That’s the only way he could have been allowed to operate what is KNOWN to not be a religion! It has nothing to do with Islam. It’s Farrakhan’s Black Separatist version of Islam and it’s all a front anyway. His charisma is very dark and that’s how he ropes people in. He can make people believe things that don’t make sense. Voltaire said “People who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. The way Blacks rationalized attending the Million Man March, was that they were “going for the message, not the messenger”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and it’s risky. One could get drawn in. I’ve seen videos of his marches. The people look almost like they’re in a trance. There’s no such thing as “going for the message and not the messenger” when you’re listening to a false prophet because if the prophet is false the message is dishonest it’s not given for you, it’s a false message given to advance the agenda of a false prophet. I wouldn’t go anywhere, or march anywhere to listen to anything Louis Walcott (his real name) had to say. He couldn’t tell me the time of day. There’s nothing I need to hear from Louis Walcott! That’s the attitude one must have toward false prophets. The whole Million Man March was a lie. 85% of Jim Jones People’s Temple were Black! “Follow The Leader” can be a deadly game when played by adults.

      It sounds like you met some pretty good people. There’s a lot of good people of all races out here. In all races you also have the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright evil. And I’ve known them all. Black people on the Right, in fact, the Right in general, is sane. But the Left is a clusterf**kl. They’re causing all the trouble. All the hate is coming from the Left. I could go to a Trump Rally by myself and feel like I’m with family! I love my fellow patriots and ”Deplorables”. We’re the only ones getting attacked out here! On the Left you have two groups: on one side you have Black Democrats wrapping themselves in the Cloak of Victimhood and wearing it like it’s a royal robe and blaming White people for everything bad that has ever happened to any non-White person from the extinction of the dinosaurs to ingrown toenails! On the other side, you have White Liberals who are validating that victimhood, apologizing for things they didn’t do, and forming foundations to #ShowUpAgainstRacism. You remember the Starbucks racial profiling incident? Well that was staged. But that’s other post. Two women, Melissa DePino and Michele Saaheme started a foundation “From Privilege To Progress”. Basically, this is a platform where White Liberal Elitists who don’t see themselves as racists, can claim the moral high ground by convincing other White Elitists who also don’t see themselves as racists, that Black people need them as “Allies” and they should #ShowUp to fight my never ending battles against ‘racism”! An “Anti-racist” is a racist who has found a way to be a racist, and still claim the moral high ground under the cover of being “anti-racism”! The problem with “allyship” is that it’s false. It’s not bashed on mutual respect. The White Liberal is working for charity and the Black Liberal is the charity work. This backfires real fast because BOTH of these people are racists but don’t see it in themselves. This has lead to some strange arguments and bitter dissolution of the alliance.

      I know I’ve written a book, but I sometimes feel frustrated when I see certain things going on. You’re are right though, we are stronger together. But how do we deprogram the Left? It’s like they don’t see what we see. Why? I find that frustrating. I’m wondering if the CIA didn’t come up with a new and improved MK-ULTRA. I know they didn’t scrap that program in 1973! Don’t worry about how anybody’s portrayed in the media. They never get it right!


  2. Have loved star since before 2008. I also am a white woman-but find that is irrelevant when joining with those who seek and speak truth! I have tried to share your dightveith many as well as your articles!