The GOP Candidate Who Strongly Supports This 'Controversial' Issue Could Win Over Voters

Republican-Candidates-DebateWe now live in a country where showing any kind of concern about the impact of immigration (legal and illegal) on our economy and way of life is bigoted.

It used to be called normal. Common sense.

That Americans are worried about potential Muslim terrorists among Muslim refugees entering the U.S. isn’t new. Many were concerned even before Muslim terrorists murdered close to 3,000 people in the name of Allah on September 11, 2001, but they definitely were worried after the attacks.

A country has a right to defend its borders and an obligation to protect its citizens from foreign invasion and “friendly” foreigners who conceal their true purpose for being here. Conservative opinion seems to be coalescing behind the “radical” idea of barring refugees from Syria. At least half the country’s governors have formally rejected President Barack Obama’s plan to resettle them in their states.

The Washington Post agreed that calling for a ban on Syrian refugees is a “political winner” for GOP candidates. (The truth is the truth, no matter how politically incorrect.) From this point on, any GOP presidential candidate who doesn’t strongly oppose admitting these refugees likely will have a hard time gaining and maintaining support from conservative voters.

The Pew Research Center did an in-depth poll looking into Americans’ view on Islamic extremism in the the fall of 2014 — and its findings suggest that politicians like Cruz have virtually nothing to lose in this fight over how best to respond to ISIS’s latest act of violence.

More than 7 in 10 Republican voters said they were “very concerned” about the rise of Islamic extremism in the United States. That’s 25 percentage points higher than Democrats (46 percent) who said the same and 21 percentage points higher than independents who expressed great concern about Islamic extremism in America.

That marked concern with the threat of Islamic extremism is accentuated by a deep lack of confidence among Republicans with the Obama administration’s ability to handle what they perceive to be a growing threat.

All Americans naturally should be wary about admitting foreigners, but to liberals, it’s evidence of deep xenophobia. In other words, we should compromise our sovereignty and safety for feel-good status-signaling. That’s called suicide.

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  1. LMAO– How sad for the GOP and the rest of America if they fall for something so obvious. Typical GOP to use fear to gain votes, Just like they did during the EBOLA crisis once the election was over not one single Republican stayed with the same Rhetoric they all changed tunes in a hurry. This is just another tatic for the GOP to win, they cannot do it the fair way so they will cheat, they will make it hard for people to vote and they will use fear like a carrot and a stick. If they the republican voters fall for it… Remember we told you so… that is why i am VERY glad I am an INDEPENDENT, NO PARTY is garenteed my vote just because they are in a certain party… HELL NO. Anyone that does do that is an idiot… Why vote for someone you do not like and if you like the other side of the ticket then why not just vote that way? or better yet just decide who you are going to vote for just as you walk into the voting booth. VOTE SMART, VOTE FOR THE PERSON NOT THE PARTY ! ! !