The GOP Might Not Be Able to Blame Donald Trump For This

DonaldTrumpWhile Americans debate whether Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz would be the better president, here’s the one question they should ask:

Are Republicans demographically shut out of the White House?

Hispanics, 17.4 percent (according to the latest Census) of the U.S. population (and increasing), vote for Democrats. Blacks, about 13 percent of the population, vote for Democrats. Americans of Asian descent, about 5.4 percent of the U.S. population, vote for Democrats.

Whites are about 62 percent of the population (excluding Hispanics who say they’re white). Although Mitt Romney won 59 percent of these voters, he lost because of non-white voters.

As more Americans and illegal aliens have grown accustomed to Big Government, the numbers don’t look good for a party that claims to want to reduce the government and tighten the borders. National sovereignty, gun rights, religious freedom — these and other issues seem to be less important to some than they used to be.

The Washington Post on the demographic bottom line:

While [Trump’s] dismal numbers among women and Hispanics, to name two groups, don’t help matters and could — in a worst-case scenario for Republicans — put states such as Arizona and even Utah in play for Democrats, the map problems that face the GOP have very, very little to do with Trump or even Cruz.

Instead they are, largely, demographic problems centered on the GOP’s inability to win any large swath of nonwhite voters. New Mexico, a state in which almost half the population is Latino, is the ur-example here. In 2004, George W. Bush won the Land of Enchantment in his bid for a second term. (His margin over John Kerry was 588 votes.) Eight years later, Barack Obama won the state by 10 points over Mitt Romney; neither side targeted it in any meaningful way.

As the Post stated, Republican voters will blame Trump’s seemingly inevitable nomination on a loss come November, but Sen. Cruz would fare no better if voting patterns play out.

Photo credit: Disney/ABC (Creative Commons)

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  1. They need to stop pandering and show the difference between the two parties. Put forth bills that will benefit all of Americans and stop the repeal ObamaCare and PP until we have both houses and the presidency. The deficit spending that has gone on in GOP and Dems is unforgivable and you can hardly tell the difference anymore between the two. GOP had their chance and they stuck with Boehner for most of it and look where it has gotten us. At this point elected Trump or Hillary is electing a democrat. I cant believe people are falling for his dribble.

    Be forthright in what you believe, tell the American people and if free stuff is what they want then I guess they can vote that way, because eventually there wont be any more money to pay for the free stuff.

  2. What party will all the takers vote for when there is no more to take?