WATCH: The Obama Administration Should Listen to Dr. Ben Carson on Ebola

Dr. Ben Carson reminds us that several weeks ago, he said it was a mistake to bring people infected with Ebola into the country “in any way.” It doesn’t matter how good protocol is…there will be breaches. We need to find out exactly how the infected people in the U.S contracted it and “make sure that door is closed.”

Will the Obama administration heed Dr. Carson’s warning?

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  1. At least two “Ebola experts” have indicated that some strains, even this one perhaps, can be spread airborne – through coughing or sneezing. That contracting this stuff “only” through ‘close’ contact with an infected persons bodily fluids, as ‘claimed’ by many, is, as Dr. Carson just mentioned, claiming a “best case scenario” and not preparing for the worst!