The ‘Outrageous’ Thing This Elected Official Said About Students Reciting the Declaration of Independence

During debate of a bill in the Louisiana legislature that would have required students in government schools to recite the Declaration of Independence, Rep. Barbara Norton said that only “Caucasians was [sic] free” when it was written, and “for you to bring a bill to request that our children will recite the Declaration, I think it’s a little bit unfair.”

( uploaded videos of Rep. Norton’s remarks.)

Rep. Valarie Hodges, who introduced the bill, tabled it.

Deneen Borelli of FreedomWorks called her remarks outrageous.

“These documents are the blueprint of our country,” Borelli said. “For her to be attacking the Declaration of Independence, that is attacking liberty. That’s attacking freedom. Why not attack the history of the Democrat party, which she is a member of? The party of the KKK, the party of trying to keep blacks enslaved…and to keep blacks segregated.”

Rep. Norton displayed “selective outrage.”

Tucker Carlson noted the irony of Rep. Norton, an elected politician in a country with a political system based on the founding documents, implying that the Declaration of Independence is racist.

“There should be a lot of push-back on this,” Borelli said. “People should not let her get away with this.” Norton should look at the liberal policies harming black Americans, the failures in government schools among them. High taxes and regulation keep people from getting jobs. Liberate Americans with lower taxes and better government schools.

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  1. Dick Lancaster

    She cites a history she has never experienced. In fact, her status as an elected official says more about the citizens of her district. Haiti is a colony of former American slaves. If she is so offended by the founding documents that led to her election, she should move to the black Haitian paradise.

  2. Because the results of the DOI weren’t immediate, she is against it. If if hasn’t come to its intended fruition, how is she in office? Or how did we get an African-American president. I guess through pure divisive racism on her part?

  3. Rep. Norton has convincingly demonstrated that she cannot think for herself, and has little or no understanding of how that foundation document came into being.