These College Students Criticized ‘Trump’ Pro-Border Wall Quotes — Watch Their Reactions When They Learn the Truth

Campus Reform asked college students what they thought of building a wall on the Southern border and pro-immigration enforcement quotes they thought were from President Donald Trump. The questioner did mislead the students to believe the quotes came from the president, but with their biases, they didn’t need much of a push.

As predicted, the students called the comments divisive and “kind of hateful speech.”

Do they also think that enforcing the border, the government’s constitutional duty, is divisive and hateful?

One student called support for a border wall “absolutely horrendous.”

The Campus Reform operative asked: “What if I told you these [quotes] were from Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton?”

Embarrassed silence. Awkward giggles. The cognitive dissonance is head-shakingly humorous.

Do you believe they’ll think critically about these issues in the future and not be ruled by Trump-hate and anti-Trump media bias?

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