These Liberals Used to Support Immigration Enforcement. What Happened?

“THOUSANDS of migrants approach our border and the Democrat leaders ignore this nightmare.” – The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli.

Liberals like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton used to be pro-enforcement of the country’s immigration laws. What happened?

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  1. Articulate and to the point. Unfortunately most media outlets are ignoring reason and common sense and favor CHAOS.

  2. Love your site, just watched tucker and looked you up, I will spread the word, keep up the great job of educating people!!! God bless

  3. Just learned of your site. I’m happy you are here. I saw this illegal immigrant problem for black Americans coming twenty years ago when illegals in Chicago suburbs had hundreds of illegals being picked up in shopping center parking lots for work. I saw Star Parker on Tucker Carlson Show and she made a great point about many blacks are being overlooked for jobs because they want bi-lingual people. That is the case in Chicago where these foreigners are given jobs over blacks. It’s slowly becoming like California, God forbid. The black suburbs of Chicago are very liberal and poor almost abandoned communities in a lot of places yet blacks keep voting for liberals. I pray you will be successful in changing a lot of minds.

    • Great new site. Glad I found it.

      It’s an easy choice for me this November: Republicans or Communists
      I’ll choose results over resistance all day long.

  4. If you are a blue-collar working American like me, think about this –

    There are thousands of Central Americans marching toward our border that want your job and will work for half of what you are making. The Democrats ALL support this. …Every last one of them.

    I’m only voting for Republicans this November,
    … because ALL of them want to see it stop.

    I’d like to ad my two cents if you don’t mind. Illegals have taken over the building trades in Southern California. Good luck trying to find a black man working construction these days.
    I am not against some illegals there are just to many of them and they dominate my industry now.
    They work hard and I get along with them just fine but their massive numbers have changed our society for their benefit and not for the rest of us ( white and black)
    They don’t hire whites or blacks only more illegals who work for less.
    Black college students who join forces with “people of color” to support illegal immigration are fools and pawns who have never held a real job and are clueless about the loss of opportunities for black workers with millions of illegals in California now.

    • Voters don’t realize that every time someone enters the country illegally and becomes a ward of the state they steal resources from the Citizens. They take away government funding from education, housing, medical care, food assistance as well as employment opportunities.
      Every unauthorized “visitor” steals the necessities of life from the Citizens who most need it.