This Photo of Nurses at Vanderbilt University Medical Center PRAYING on the Helipad Has Gone Viral

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

God is pleased when His people pray to Him. During this COVID-19 crisis, we need LOTS of prayer. All Christians across the globe should be down on their knees praying for an end to this pandemic, for deeper faith, for our will to conform to God’s will, for revival, and much more.

Nurses at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, women on the front lines fighting this disease, are praying. One nurse, Angela Gleaves, posted photos on her Facebook page of the nurses praying on the hospital’s helipad for staff, patients, and families.

Secularists want us to keep our prayer and worship private. But we won’t. We praise God for His grace and mercy from the rooftops — in the nurses’ case, from the helipads!

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  1. God bless them! I can’t go out and volunteer as I’m over 70 and a pneumonia survivor. So I’ve been praying every day for all the sick, the dying, the departed; for protection for those who are well and for our health-care workers on the front line; and for an end to the pandemic. Prayer is powerful!

  2. Helena. Lawrence

    I have no idea if this news is fake news or not but if true…what would be so wrong about delivering milk cheese n butter to homeless shelters and to unemployed persons for feeding a family instead of Dairy Inc telling farmers to dump their product. I freeze these products and milk n butter n cheesed are fine when defrosted. Lots of hungry people to give it to..not dump it..
    That is not a good idea.
    Same with farmers who lost market by closed restaurants…advertise for anyone to come and pick what they need.. Bundle up excess and donate to shelters and give to poor unemployed and hungry.
    Please there is a world out there hungry do not dump your zuccinni n squash n whatever else.
    Use your heart n brain..God gave you please..feed he poor now. God will reward you. My opinion.

  3. Gerald Goldberg


    God floats around the clouds watching millions of babies being butchered in American Death Camps & millions dying from his viruses and yet he killed a man for gathering sticks on the Sabbath!



    by Debbie Hadley
    Updated December 30, 2018
    The male honeybee, called a drone, exists for one reason and one reason only: to mate with a virgin queen. He is entirely expendable after he provides this service to the colony. The drone takes his mission seriously, however, and gives his life for the cause.

    How Honeybees Do the Deed
    Honeybee sex occurs in mid-air when the queen flies out in search of mates, her one and only “nuptial flight.” Drones compete for the chance to mate with their queen, swarming around her as she flies. Eventually, a brave drone will make his move.

    As the drone grasps the queen, he everts his endophallus using a contraction of his abdominal muscles and hemostatic pressure and inserts it tightly into the queen’s reproductive tract. He immediately ejaculates with such explosive force that the tip of his endophallus is left behind inside the queen and his abdomen ruptures. The drone falls to the ground, where he dies soon after. The next drone removes the previous drone’s endophallus and inserts his, mates, and then dies as well.

    And as the dying male drone bee falls to the ground he cries out,

    “I’d have been better off having a w–k”!]

    Queen Bees Really Get Around
    During her one nuptial flight, the queen will mate with a dozen or more partners, leaving a trail of dead drones in her wake. Any drones that remain around the hive in the fall will be unceremoniously driven from the colony before cold weather sets in. Honey stores are simply too precious to waste on a sperm donor. The queen, on the other hand, will store the sperm for use throughout her life. The queen can store 6 million sperm and keep them viable for up to seven years, with the potential of producing 1.7 million offspring during her lifetime, as she uses a few at a time to fertilize her eggs.

    Bee Egg Development
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    What Workers Do
    In contrast to the drones, female worker bees take on many jobs. They clean cells for eggs to be laid; feed larvae; construct the comb; guard the hive; and forage. They can lay an egg to become a drone if needed, but their eggs can’t become workers or queens.

    Insects and Sexual Suicide
    Though honeybee mating is one of the most dramatic examples of sexual suicide in the insect world, it’s not the only one. And in the grand scheme of things, it’s not as gruesome as it gets. How would you like your head to be eaten by your mate during sex like is the fate for some male praying mantis?