This Parent Says He and His Children Aren’t ‘Victims of America’

A black parent in Colorado who opposes “social justice,” the Black Lives Matter movement, and “critical race theory” (CRT) let his town know how he feels.

His ancestors were slaves, but this parent said, “I’m not oppressed, and I’m not a victim.” He said he travels all across the country, checks into hotels, flies commercially, and goes to restaurants when and wherever he wants — and he’s treated with kindness, dignity, and respect. He said his three children aren’t oppressed, either. However, they are victims only of their own ignorance, their own laziness, and their own poor decision-making.

He said putting CRT in our classrooms “is taking America in the wrong direction.” And he wasn’t done. Watch the clip for more.

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  1. Hiding history from students isn’t going to erase it. Do you think black people won’t learn about the Atlantic slave trade? Seems silly to think you can hide it by not teaching it in schools. You can know about the Atlantic slave trade and not be a victim, in fact knowing your history is a big part of overcoming it.

    • Black Tribalism in Africa created the North America Slave Markets.
      Hundreds of Thousands of Americans, of All Races, Died to Abolished Slavery!
      But obviously, Sunny Bigot never learned that!

      • You make an excellent and often overlooked point: The origins of the Black African slave trade could be traced to the ascendancy of Ramses II in Ancient Egypt.

      • Aso hundreds of thousands of people fought for the confederacy to keep slavery. Those people are the ones who don’t want you to teach that history. You don’t see people in the north scared to teach about the Atlantic slave trade, just southerners. Lets face it, they are the bad guys in the story, they must accept that.

  2. Those people are Dead!
    And you won’t admit that African Tribalism Created the Slave Trade. Teach That!

    • No. I’m saying that Ramses II (and all dynasties after his reign) were Black.

    • There may have been some slavery in Africa just as in other places, however, African Tribalsm could not create trans-Atlantic slave trade, it was the European demand for it that created it. They in the end enslaved over 2 million people which per capita was a large % of the population at that time. Haiti was the first country to permanently end slavery. Not knowing history people are doomed to repeat it.

      • Well history is repeating itself in Africa. Tribalism is causing misery throughout the continent. Have you heard of Idi Amin or the Rwandan genocide? How about the Tutsi and Hutu killing and enslaving each other?

        • And Europeans also killed each other, why wouldn’t we teach that in school. Seems like you are trying to draw a false equivalence between some small conflicts in Africa or some dictator to hundreds of years of colonials, the slave trade, and genocide of native Americans. Good thing you aren’t in charge of the curriculum because you would definitely teach it in a white-washed manner rather than what actually happened.

  3. If I’m not mistaken that is Derrick Wilburn founder of Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives. I am surly not trying to denigrate the power and importance of “regular fathers” their role is invaluable in their own children’s life, and the moral compass of the community at large. But I’m pretty sure this is Derrick, and if it is he is definitely worth a look see. He runs a program to get black students internships for Republican lawmakers. He’s doing brilliant work and needs support financial and otherwise..

  4. Larry Elder for Governor of California. Gavin Christopher Newsom will either be recalled or deal with the Internal Revenue Service. Gavin the government does not care what you do.They just want your partner!!!!!