This Black Woman Says She’s Not Oppressed — You Have to Hear a White Protester’s Response

The woman in the clip below calls out Black Lives Matters’ hypocrisy and asks why they don’t protest when black children in Chicago are killed every week.

This woman says she’s free. She’s not oppressed.

But listen to the white woman arguing with her.

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    This young lady has it RIGHT. This issue of Black Lives Matters and ONLY black lives matters is stupid, ignorant and just not humane. I could go into a number of ways black lives are taken and there is no opposition except for a few and nothing is said. In fact it’s glorified with the lighting o buildings. We, who have learned from a sound foundation, have sense and common knowledge, know that we live in a political and social society who’s main purpose is to divide and conquer. The Bible tells us who our enemy is and his tactics. He uses unwitting souls, it’s always been this way but today we can see the results of it instantly. I am American Christian woman who happens to be black. I AM FREE, I AM NOT OPPRESSED and NEVER have been. I don’t need or want any atheistic, socialistic, fascist, who hates America and life to tell me I’m oppressed. I AM FREE!

  2. Thank you good lady

  3. Paula Dalrymple

    I am a white, Christian woman. I sent this video today to President Trump begging him to find this woman!!! She needs to be one of his advisors! We so desperately need this AMERICAN woman…free, unafraid to face powerful forces to protect children and community. What a blessed nation we are to have this woman on our side! Trump wants to build up black communities, he wants to help…I know! He sends us letters asking for $$$ all the time
    to achieve his dreams and goals. THIS woman could help. Hopefully she is not the only one out there and hopefully she is not murdered before they find her…

  4. How dare this black woman contradict a WHITE woman and tell her she’s not oppressed! Doesn’t she know her place? Doesn’t she know she can only believe what the white woman tells her to believe? That the white woman is there to think for her? /sarcasm

    BLM is a Marxist tool funded by Soros, the Ford Foundation, etc. They have at least $100 million in the bank. Not much of a grass roots movement. More of a weapon used to manufacture race conflicts to exploit blacks to further a Marxist agenda. And you know what Marxists do with those they’ve used and no longer need? Look at Russian history. They’re the first on the chopping block once they assume full control. That’s because those that helped to bring about the revolution can do it again and are therefore a threat to the new Marxist overlords.

  5. This is my collection of links to conservative discussions&explanations of current issues in the Black community.