This California Doctor Thinks America ‘Totally Overreacted’ to the COVID-19 Threat

We may never know all we need to know about COVID-19. PragerU interviewed Dr. Reed Wilson, who practices cardiology and internal medicine in Los Angeles. He said he’s seen 10-15 COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Wilson explained how the novel coronavirus is different from the flu, why we haven’t seen more people dying of the disease in California, the different strains of the virus infecting people in California versus New York, and other topics.

Dr. Wilson believes the United States “totally overreacted” to the COVID-19 threat initially, though he understands why we did.

Has California peaked? Is there good news on the horizon?

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  1. Today (4/24) the news reports claim that since testing in New York City has increased they are finding more people who have had coronavirus and recovered than previously thought – causing a big drop in the mortality rate from the virus. Many states reported any and all deaths as being caused by the virus because it meant more dollars for the state.