This ‘Christian’ Organization Doesn’t Value Women’s Modesty, Privacy, Or Safety

An organization founded on biblical values is going the way of the whole American culture — one of degeneracy and disregard for modesty, privacy, and safety.

The Young Men’s Christian Association, also known as the YMCA, will allow men pretending to be women and boys pretending to be girls to walk into women’s restrooms and changing facilities if they so choose — at least in Chicago. From the Christian News Network:

The Chicago Tribune reports that a mother at one of the locations recently approached staff after she saw a teenage boy using the girls’ locker room, but employees later learned that the teen identified as transgender and therefore his presence was permitted.

“From [the mother’s] perspective, there was a man in the locker room,” Rae Ulrich, senior vice president of marketing for the YMCA of Metro Chicago, told the outlet. “But there wasn’t. There was a transgender individual in the locker room.”

Dick Malone, president of YMCA Metro Chicago, alerted members about the new policy that caters to people with disorders — and others who no doubt will take advantage — over members who expect privacy when using these facilities.

“We recognize our commitment in support of the rights of all individuals can cause some to feel uncomfortable and can raise concerns about safety. … Let me be clear: the expanded inclusion policy doesn’t give anyone a new opportunity to behave inappropriately. Again, it’s our goal for all members to thrive at the Y, and this is why we will do our best to support each of you while maintaining an environment that reflects the inclusive values we share.”

Ed Vitagliano, executive vice president for the American Family Association, the organization that led the boycott against Target for its “transgender” restroom policy, said it’s “appalling that a once-Christian organization like the YMCA has now become so morally bankrupt that it has adopted such a misguided policy. It is clear not only from the Bible but nature itself that there are only two genders: male and female. The secularist rush to discard the binary nature of humanity is proof that the lunatics are in charge of the asylum.”

Just as concerned parents withdrew their children from organizations like Boy Scouts of America, it’s time to do the same with the YMCA. As more organizations cave to the homosexual lobby, parents need to stay vigilant. Always.

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