This Conservative Asks Baltimore Leaders: What Happened to the Money?

Patricia Dickson, a military veteran, a conservative, and a supporter of President Donald Trump weighed in on the Baltimore controversy and asks a serious question.

The conservative movement needs more grassroots people like Dickson, posting, uploading, and tweeting their support for conservative principles and values and calling out liberal lawmakers.

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  1. Many people ask: “What happened to the War On Poverty” money for the inner city? Much of those funds were eaten up by the Vietnam War, then the War on Crime, and finally the War on Drugs. Law enforcement and criminal justice system siphoned away much of that money from community programs originally designed to assist in education, job training, financial literacy, and most of all household/parenting skills so necessary in rearing good stewards of society.

    • I remember the “War on Poverty.” The poor people won ! They got to KEEP the poverty by depending on Government handouts. Seriously, SOCIALIST-type schemes DO NOT WORK !