This GOP Candidate Didn't Back Down From the Truth About Islamic Terrorism

Four Republican presidential hopefuls stood on stage at last night’s debate in Coral Gables, Florida, arguing the case for their candidacy. The Washington Times declared Sen. Marco Rubio and Donald Trump winners of the debate as the men sparred on such issues as immigration, Islamic terrorism, and Social Security.

One writer called the debate “toned down” as the candidates discussed their positions on H-1B visas and a so-called path to citizenship.

“We need to redefine our legal immigration system so it meets the needs of America,” Sen. Cruz said. “We’re going to build a wall, triple border patrols and end sanctuary cities. We need an immigration system that benefits the American people.”

That’s certainly what the base wants to here: America first.

Donald Trump benefited from using foreign workers over Americans but said, “I’m a businessman and I have to do what I have to do. It’s very unfair for our workers, and we should end it.” In any case, he’s been the loudest voice in temporarily suspending immigration from Muslim countries, an issue also popular with the base.

Sen. Rubio said the country needs a “merit-based system” for green cards.

Trump defended comments he made about Islam that shouldn’t be controversial — Islam hates us — the United States, the West in general. Based on available evidence, it certainly appears true. Who’d argue otherwise?

“We better expand our laws [to protect against Islamic terrorism] or we’re being a bunch of suckers, and they are laughing at us,” Trump said

“The answer is not scream all Muslims bad,” Sen. Cruz said. 

“The problem is presidents can’t just say whatever they want,” Sen. Rubio said. “I’m not interested in being politically correct. … I’m interested in being correct.”

What about Social Security, the only source of income for some retired Americans? Trump said he’ll do “everything in my power not to touch Social Security” but would deal with the waste, fraud, and abuse. Sen Rubio said you’d still have to deal with the “hundreds of billions of dollars of deficit.” Sen. Cruz said Social Security is “careening toward insolvency.”

Some writers speculated that the candidates approached this debate in a subdued manner because of next week’s primaries. All eyes are on Florida and Ohio. Trump is leading Sen. Rubio in his state. Will this lead hold?


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One comment

  1. Every thinking voter regardless of race, ethnicity, or anything else, knows that to be a true statement. The media, specifically Jake Tapper, trying to make controversy out of it, or the other candidates ‘generalizing’ doesn’t change the basic truth. Perhaps SOME Muslims do not hate us, but the general truth of their ‘faith” is anti-Western to the core.