This GOP Presidential Hopeful Won't Be At The Next Debate

Fox News screenshot
Fox News screenshot

He’s polling low and hasn’t won any primary states, so it’s no surprise that this candidate might be prepared to suspend his campaign.

Is Dr. Ben Carson ready to call it quits? The Washington Times reports that he’s “signaled” the end of his campaign. Dr. Carson has withdrawn from Thursday night’s debate.

An excerpt:

Mr. Carson said he won’t attend the debate scheduled for Thursday in Detroit, but said he’ll lay out his plans at his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. CPAC is where Mr. Carson made his first real foray into politics several years ago.

“I do not see a political path forward in light of last evening’s Super Tuesday primary results,” he said in a statement, though he vowed to remain focused on constitutional principles as he moves into his next phase.

It’s also no surprise that the GOP wants Dr. Carson to drop out of the race. Despite running a well-funded campaign, he’s consistently down in the polls. People love him but obviously don’t think he’s a viable choice at this point.

Do you think Dr. Carson should drop out of the race?

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  1. Love ya Ben…You ran well my friend. Unfortunately, this country was not ready for you yet. But in many of our hearts, you inspired hope. God bless your continuing endeavors. We hope to see you back again.

  2. As Pat Buchanan says many years ago, the empire does not want an honest occupant in the White House. Nor one with brains or integrity. Thhe new world order needs someone they can control.

  3. Hal G. P. Colebatch

    I don’t understand why the Carson campaign faded as it did – he is obviously a really good man with a fine mind. I only hope the next republican President will offer him a cabinet position where he can gain the “salting” of political experience. VP perhaps?

  4. Maybe God has other plans for Dr. Carson that will allow him to devote more time to honesty in our government.