This Governor Is Serious About Protecting Life

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma signed a bill into law in 2015 to protect the religious freedom of the clergy. Pastors may refuse to profane marriage by performing homosexual “marriages” without fear of government retaliation.

Now the governor has signed two pro-life into law to protect the vulnerable, born and unborn. The “Choosing Childbirth Act” promotes protecting unborn babies by providing support for crisis pregnancies.

Planned Parenthood exists to snuff out life, while pregnancy centers help women receive prenatal care, counseling, parenting classes, and other services. Planned Parenthood also provides ultrasounds — to guide abortionists as the kill the babies.

From Life News (emphasis added):

The other pro-life bill we supported that was signed into law by Governor Fallin is HB 1894, which helps protect vulnerable patients from being denied life-preserving care. The new law improves clarity in health-care decision-making by establishing a hierarchy of individuals with authority to give consent to treatment on behalf of a patient incapable of making decisions for himself if that patient has not appointed a health-care proxy.

The third bill we advocated for this year, HB 1495, the Death Certificate Accuracy Act, passed the House but was not allowed to be voted on in committee in the Senate…would help protect against assisted suicide by ensuring accuracy in reporting the cause of death on death certificates.

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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