This Is What Atheists Want to Shut Down Next

Johnson City, Tennessee
Johnson City, Tennessee

While the crisis of Islamic terrorism grows in the land of the free, home of the brave, atheists are demanding that the government remove Christian symbols from tax-funded property.

Their latest demand involves a prayer program in a small city in Tennessee.

The Johnson City Police Department invites local Christians to “Adopt a Cop” and pray for him or her, a gesture that probably means so much to individual police officers working a dangerous job that can also be thankless. The godless, though living in a country with a Christian foundation, want Christianity’s influence forgotten or ignored and its adherents out of the public square. From the Christian News Network:

The [Adopt a Cop] program, which was launched in November, has garnered support from area churches, and is believed to be an offshoot of the International Transformation Network’s national program, led by Ed Silvoso.

“There can be tension between law enforcement and the community, and so morale can be down. The families of officers are under tremendous stress, [and] everyday an officer has no idea what the job will look like,” organizer Becky Haas told local television station WCYB. “So I think we’re kind of in step with what a lot of other communities are doing to let our police know how much we appreciate them.”

But FFRF says that the effort is unconstitutional since it is derived from a Christian program and encourages prayer.

The police department’s religious efforts do no violate the First Amendment. The founding document doesn’t bar government involvement in religion, though the courts have ruled that it does. “Wishing…in the form of prayers” — as the atheists put it — for police officers’ safety doesn’t establish a religion or violate anyone’s constitutional rights. The program is voluntary. 

But we live on to fight another day.

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  1. I propose that we have a new program. Adopt an atheist Since we outnumber them if two or more pay for the same atheist then maybe God will deal with them all one way or another.

  2. What is next? Trying to outlaw our very thoughts and prayers?

  3. I cannot understand how people with no belief system can get so upset with those that have a religious belief. Evidently their lives are so miserable they want all they want all to be miserable.