This is Where Lawmakers Want to Send the Tax Dollars Planned Parenthood Receives

President Donald Trump hasn’t been in office a month, but pro-lifers are anxious for Congress to permanently bar federal dollars from going to Planned Parenthood, which has killed millions of unborn children and annually receives over $500 million of taxpayers’ money.

Two lawmakers are trying to make it happen. They’ve introduced a bill to redirect the money Planned Parenthood gets from the federal government to women’s health care providers that don’t kill the unborn. From the Christian News Network:

“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no federal funds may be made available to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, or to any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, successors or clinics,” the bill reads in part. “All funds no longer available to Planned Parenthood will continue to be made available to other eligible entities to provide women’s health care services.”

The Act notes that community health centers, local health departments, physicians’ offices and others provide a variety of women’s services and pregnancy care—minus the killing. Reports state that there are over 13,500 community health centers alone that assist with women’s health.

The article cited Live Action’s video that revealed only five of 97 clinics across 41 Planned Parenthood affiliates the organization investigated offered prenatal care. They do ultrasounds only to assist in killing the babies.

“For years, our nation has debated life and abortion, but at least we should agree that no taxpayer should be forced to fund the largest provider of abortion with their hard-earned tax dollars,” said Senator James Lankford, one of the lawmakers who introduced the measure. “There is no reason for a private non-governmental organization, like Planned Parenthood, to receive $500 million a year in taxpayer money.”

Christian News Network noted that the abortion mill hasn’t yet released its 2015-2016 fiscal report.

Pro-lifers will march against abortion and abortion mill funding outside Planned Parenthood clinics across the country on Saturday.

Photo credit: By Fibonacci BlueFlickr: Planned Parenthood in St. Paul, CC BY 2.0, Link

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