This Lawyer Heard the Rumors About Sen. Sessions — Then He Received a Call That Changed Everything

Lawyer Willie Huntley testified at Sen. Jeff Sessions’s confirmation hearing. While working as an assistant district attorney in Alabama, Huntley said, he received a phone call from the state’s U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Huntley, aware of the allegations of racism against Sen. Sessions, wondered why the man was calling him. Listen to the brief clip to find out:

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  1. I wonder if it was just on my computer or if CNN DID include a brief edit that caused the listener to think that Willie Huntley, during his first meeting years ago with Jeff Sessions, thought that the allegations spread by the media against Sessions were true. If you stopped listening at that point, you would be inclined to believe he is unfit to fill the position as Attorney General; however, that is not how Willie Huntley feels as you would know if you finished the clip. It is practices like this that makes one distrust CNN and their news reporting.

    • Same thing happened when I was listening

    • I noticed the same thing and replayed it three times to make sure it wasn’t my computer. That’s when I knew it had been tampered with, a sad commentary on CNN and why I don’t watch it.
      Star, my husband and I have the deepest respect for you and your organization. We teach a Constitution class and always refer folks to your website.
      Keep up the great work, God bless you.


  2. i have never been so ashamed of someone as i was with Corey Booker’s self serving testimony