This Parent in Tennessee Gave the School Board a Piece of Her Mind About CRT

Another black parent has spoken out against the teaching of “critical race theory” (CRT) in government schools. The Tennessee State House banned CRT in schools, and the concerned mother spoke in support of the ban.

“We must not teach black children that any challenge or burden that they face comes from white people,” she said. “We must not teach white children that they are the cause of the plight in black America.”

Each individual has agency in their own lives, and teaching children that they have no power to change their lives, as this mother says, threatens their dignity and freedom.

Watch the clip below to hear what else she had to say to the school board.

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  1. Thank God for that beautiful young woman, and mother, for standing up against the use of CRT in our schools! In today’s America, our children have enough to worry about in school, homework, making new friends, learning new things that were totally foreign to them one year ago, two years, five years ago, ten years ago, depending on their age and grade. They’re working to find their places in their school universe, they’re learning math, proper English, social studies, writing, science, in other words their brains are full of all these new, exciting things, concepts, ideas, and the VERY LAST THING THEY NEED to learn about is HATE, BIGOTRY, RESENTMENT, pitting one skin color against the other. School is a place where they should feel safe, and free, to learn the skills they will need to, not just survive, but to THRIVE, in this big old world they will eventually inherit from all of us that came before them, DESPITE the circumstances of their birth. ALL young minds start out with the same blank slate. We need to nurture ALL those young minds with care and compassion. We want every single one of those young innocent minds to be cherished, to be guided with love, to be shown mercy, and not tainted with hate, anger, or fear of succeeding, no matter where they come from, no matter what color their skin is. I don’t know this dear woman who bravely stood up at this school board is, but I have a great deal of admiration for her, and if she were my friend, I would treasure her for life!

    • Amen Sister ,You are so right Children belong to their parents it’s up to them to instill morals, right and wrong kids see color they are not color blind.But racism is thought and we must not let these schools or anyone else instill this evil into our children. And that is all CRT will do.

    • God Bless you River Song. Could not have said it any better or more beautifully. Explain the warts but focus on the positives. We live in the greatest attempt at true democracy, that the world has ever witnessed. We must keep working towards MLK’s dream. But, unless we focus on promoting intact families, with father and mother at the helm, then the possibility of achieving that dream, is greatly challenged. God has been left behind and that does not bode well for any of us. CRT is a WRONG turn on the narrow path and it must be opposed. Whether taught at college level or simplified for lower levels, it’s basis is in Godless Marxist ideology and that is NOT an acceptable direction for this great country. Why else do so many strive to come here? Why would they strive to come to an inherently racist country? The elite care only about making themselves feel good. Nothing about TRULY addressing the problems of the poor. Throwing trillions of dollars that then get devoured by inflation, is not a true solution. Men of all races and creeds, must step back up to being responsible fathers, cherishing their wives and children, and working for their welfare. We will get NO where, unless we again become a God centered country. All other focuses are subject to the whims of mortal men and women and as we have seen whether left or right, there is ALWAYS that element of narcissistic agenda.

  2. This young mother is the Exact type of person that I have always adored! We All are responsible for our own successes and failures here in America! I absolutely love my Black friends and their families! They are too, like me ! The Only difference I’ve Ever been able to detect, is our skin color. I care and Love All children! Who could not. Please, Americans, stand firm in our Love for One Another! And If hate is cultivated , what happens to the interracial population? Many of us have biracial children and grandchildren! I have 3 and Love the ground they stand on! All Children are our gift, from God himself! Do we not love them. ???? Fight against CRT! I cannot abide this this division that is being marketed by those that would blame others for their Bad Decisions!! These are Children! The most innocent of All! Teach Love ! Teach Success!

  3. After hearing this lady speak. All I could think of was God Bless Her. She hit the nail on the head .Totally agree with her.

  4. Nice words. What do you wanna bet that she, and her entire family, vote Democrat? If people could connect the dots we would’t be in this mess. Most people simply do not understand the effects of their actions.

  5. So you can’t teach history? Because black people were slaves, are you not allowed to teach that. CRT will never be in school as it’s a college-level idea it’s just history as it happened, hopefully with less “whitewashing.” Those scared of history are what’s sad.