This Procedure Has Killed More Black Americans Than AIDS, Crime, Accidents, Cancer, or Heart Disease

Rev. Derek McCoy, National Clergy Relations Director for the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, founded by columnist Star Parker, recently testified before a congressional subcommittee in support of the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA). This bill would bar abortionists from killing unborn babies based on race or sex.

What kills more black Americans than AIDS, violent crime, accidents, cancer, and heart disease combined? One guess.

These statistics come from the Census Bureau, the CDC, and Guttmacher (part of Planned Parenthood,) Rev. McCoy said in a recent appearance on EWTN. The host asked whether PRENDA addresses this.

“There’s a targeting in the race community as far as blacks and abortions are being concerned,” Rev. McCoy said. “And from a gender perspective, we can see that internationally…And I think this is one of those attempts at a bill that really will make an inroads to trying to help solve a real dilemma and a real problem we have.”

There’s a genocide attack on black babies, he added. Planned Parenthood, with founder Margaret Sanger’s eugenics legacy, receives hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers.

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One comment

  1. As a Christian, if I repent of my sin, I am forgiven and God will save my soul.
    What about a nation? America has murdered over four times more people in the
    abortion industry than Hitler killed in Europe. Hitler killed twelve million.
    America has murdered 55 million unborn babies, and counting.

    Why doesn’t the NAACP care about black babies in the womb? The rate of abortion
    among black women is disproportionately high. In fact, in New York City, there
    are more black babies killed in the womb than born alive. Where is Al Sharpton
    to gather his supporters and march in the streets over this problem? They cannot
    be found because there’s no money or headlines in it.