This State’s Legislature Protected Religious Freedom and Banned ‘Sanctuary’ Cities

Two South Carolina laws that go into effect this month will please residents who support the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom and oppose so-called sanctuary cities that protect illegal aliens from deportation.

Some states require adoption and foster care agencies that receive government funding, including faith-based agencies, to place children with homosexuals. But lawmakers in South Carolina allow these agencies to turn away homosexuals.

Christian adoption agencies that believe the Bible’s teachings that homosexuality is a sin, for example, have the freedom-of-religion right not to place children in such households, even if they receive money from taxpayers.

The South Carolina legislature also banned sanctuary cities, although presently no city in the state has declared itself a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. Lawmakers nevertheless addressed the issue. From Greenville News:

Their proviso forces S.C. cities and counties to prove to the State Law Enforcement Division each year that they are not flouting federal immigration laws. Any city or county that SLED determines is breaking the law would lose its state funding.


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