Why Don’t Liberals Care About Racial Disparities in Abortion Like They Do About Income or School Suspension?

The Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Riley asks:

“As Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination tees up another national debate about reproductive rights, is it too much to ask that abortion’s impact on the black population be part of the discussion?”

Conservatives will talk about it, but don’t count on mainstream media and other liberals to discuss it.

Civil rights activists like the late Fannie Lou Hamer and Whitney Young, who was executive director of the Urban League, opposed killing unborn babies. Jesse Jackson once opposed abortion as well.

Jesse Jackson called abortion “murder” and once told a black newspaper in Chicago that “we used to look for death from the man in the blue coat and now it comes in a white coat.”

In the intervening decades, those views shifted. Mr. Jackson abandoned the pro-life ship to run for president in 1984, and leaders of black civil-rights organizations today are joined at the hip with abortion-rights proponents such as Planned Parenthood. A Pew Research Center survey taken last year found that 50% of Hispanics, 58% of whites and 62% of blacks now say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

Jackson also wrote in a Right to Life article in the 1970s: “If one accepts the position that life is private, and therefore you have the right to do with it as you please, one must also accept the conclusion of that logic. That was the premise of slavery.”

Two years ago, he walked away from a pro-lifer who asked him an uncomfortable question about his former views.

That black women are disproportionately represented in abortion statistics should be commonly known by now.

The little discussed flip side of “reproductive freedom” is that abortion deaths far exceed those via cancer, violent crime, heart disease, AIDS and accidents. Racism, poverty and lack of access to health care are the typical explanations for these disparities. But black women have much higher abortion rates even after you control for income. Moreover, other low-income ethnic minorities who experience discrimination, such as Hispanics, abort at rates much closer to white women than black women.

Riley noted something mainstream media seem reluctant to address: blacks killing other blacks, whether on the street or in the womb.

When you combine the amount of black violent behavior directed at other blacks with the number of pregnancies terminated by black women, the rate at which blacks willingly end the lives of one another is chilling and far surpasses what goes on within other racial and ethnic groups. Racial disparities in abortion rates are no less disturbing than racial disparities in income, crime, poverty and school suspensions. Why are the people who want to lecture the rest of us about the value of black lives pretending otherwise?

Photo credit: Life News – Steven Ertelt

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  1. Love Star Parker, what a voice for what is right!!

  2. “Racial disparities” in access to regular and competent medical care (i.e. prenatal) is generally not discussed as well.

  3. “….the men in blue, or the men in white….” Absolutely applicable! The men in blue, at their “deadliest,” killing blacks, armed or unarmed, compiles to less than 300 per year! Blacks killing other blacks, in one city alone, Chicago, exceeds that number in less than half a year. Add “Planned Parenthood,” a.k.a. “Planned Birth Control by Killing,” exercising their “genocide” on the black community in the womb, and you arrive at the answer to the question the black communities should be asking: “Why has the black population in America STAGNATED at 12%-13% for the past 5 or 6 decades?”

    It is interesting to note that, America’s expected population, in just two categories, by 2050, just 32 years from now, will reflect that Asians will make up 29%, while blacks remain at just 13%! Whites are a lost cause, because they have long NOT even replaced their numbers one for one, and the white immigration from other nations, also in decline, does not make up the difference. In just 100 years since I was born, America will no longer have a white majority: “Census: Whites no longer a majority in United States by 2043” – I’ll likely be long gone; however, folks may want to consider how non-white nations have progressed….