This Tea Party Patriot Wants Trump to Build the Wall

Illegal immigration is rampant, and President Donald Trump wants to stem the flow. But he’s being blocked at every turn.

Lucretia Hughes, president of the Lanier Tea Party Patriots, had this to say:

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  1. Build the Wall and make it Tall. Do it Quick and make it Thick. Sing the Song (National Anthem) and make it Long.

  2. All I can say is a loud AMEN!

  3. Star, you’re an amazing woman!! I listen to the BOTT Christian radio station in Kansas and you were on, it had been taken from a lecture you gave at a college and it was on abortion, family values, the President, etc.

    Listening to you really got to my heart because You can actually see and speak what is actually going on out there in our sick evil world. My congrats to you and please keep up the good work, we both know, GOD is watching over you & people like you….God bless you & keep you safe. Sincerely, Valeri