This University Just Settled a Discrimination Lawsuit — Will Change Policy and Pay Over $240,000 to Pro-Life Student Group

California State University -San Marcos settled a lawsuit on Tuesday with a pro-life group of students who said the school discriminated against them based on their pro-life views.

According to the group’s legal counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom, a campus chapter of Students for Life asked the school to co-sponsor a pro-life lecture and pay a speaker’s travel expenses. The school denied the request. The university gave the Gender Equity and the LGBTQA Pride Center close to $300,000 in mandatory fees but refused to give Students for Life $500.

A federal court found that the university’s “backroom deliberations” about what to fund and what to deny funding “are exactly the type of considerations” the First Amendment was supposed to prevent. “Nothing prevents these officials from encouraging some views while suppressing others through cosponsorship funding.”

The group’s legal counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom, reported on the settlement.

A federal lawsuit against California State University–San Marcos came to an end Tuesday after the university agreed to revise student fee policies and pay more than $240,000 in the wake of a federal court’s ruling last summer that found those policies unconstitutionally discriminated against views the university didn’t favor. The policy and procedure changes are a result of a federal lawsuit Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed on behalf of the campus chapter of Students for Life.

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  1. It’s about time the bigoted leftest school officials got censured for their discriminatory actions- they should all be fired or at least censured