This Woman Used to Have Trump-Derangement Syndrome — Then She Changed

If you’re black, you’re supposed to be a Democrat. But the woman in the video said she asked herself why. She did her own research and discovered she was not a Democrat, had never been a Democrat.

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  1. Prolly tells you more about how the major, biased, media, as well as our ‘liberal’ education system, have misled a large portion of America’s people! Many more of America’s black women need to review the question then candidate Trump asked of all the black community, “what the hell have you got to lose?”

    • Alexander Stephens posed a similar question in 1862 when debating if slaves should fight for the Confederacy.

  2. Questioning what we hear & read: if Baghdadi was an “austere Islamic scholar,” then maybe Islam is a bloodthirsty religion of hate.