Tim Scott: 75 Percent of THESE Jobs Don’t Require a Four-Year Degree

Senator Tim Scott spoke with Fox News’s Charles Payne about a section of the tax reform law that hasn’t been discussed as much as others.

The Investing in Opportunity Act encourages new investment in distressed communities, where 50 million Americans live, and provide opportunities for long-term growth.

“I envisioned everything from workforce investing opportunities, to better education, to businesses being attracted to opportunity zones,” Sen. Scott said, “because these resources aren’t government dollars. We are simply providing incentives for private-sector dollars to find their way into these distressed communities.”

The senator said that 75 percent of the six million available jobs don’t require a four-year degree.

“Imagine attracting that talent that lives in our community…into some of those jobs. We have an immigration issue,” and “we’ll solve some of that another day this week, maybe next week, but here’s what we know: our greatest potential talent pool is right here in our own country in our own backyards.”

We need to put Americans to work.

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