Time for a Cure: Spread Our Message to America’s Black Clergy

I’d love to get your thoughts on this video for our pastors. As you know, my team and I educate our black pastors with hard facts that show how their involvement in our struggle to Make America Great Again changes lives and protects freedom. As you’ve heard me say for years, we can only protect our freedom if we start from our inner cities.

After you see this video that I believe will help to change the minds of many Americans, I hope you see the need to build out a three-minute and a 30-minute video to show how CURE’s work in our inner-cities changes policies and changes lives.

As always, please give your comments after watching this video. I read them all!

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One comment

  1. As always you put out the right message! But this one runs a bit too fast even for this faithful follower.
    These problems are not just relevant in Black communities either. Big government s Social Engineering has made all American families less stable and your message needs to on a new site, which could attract more viewers. All Americans should be listening to all the wonderful Black Conservative writers on your site! Just copy all you publish on a parallel site and call it American Community News. You can reach concerned white philanthropist.