‘Transabled’? The Floodgates Are Open

Disorder: a disturbance in physical or mental health or functions; malady or dysfunction.

There’s no end to man’s depravity, no depth to which he won’t sink once social stigma weakens, “special minority status” becomes a perverse status symbol, and “Be who you are!” is more than a mere catchphrase.

I heard about a strange disorder years ago but never followed up to find out if it was true. It was too unbelievable to even think about, but with the present campaign to declare homosexuality and “transgenderism” normal — and everyone must pretend they are or else — anything goes in Gomorrah.

Did you know there were people who considered their own healthy limbs foreign objects that need to be removed? Amputated. Sliced off. Every odd behavior and thought must be explored. Accepted. Body Integrity Identity Disorder is called a disorder for a reason. These people consider themselves disabled and want to “come out” that way by mutilating their own bodies. This is a psychological problem that any decent surgeon should refer to a mental health professional.

Welcome to the descent of Western Civilization. Aberrant sexual proclivities are now on public, shameless display. The idea of encouraging a man who wants to be a woman to seek psychological treatment marks the encourager as an intolerant bigot. The same will soon happen to anyone disagreeing with the “transabled.” We’ve fallen so far in so few years. Christian News Network published a story about what’s happening in Canada. An excerpt: (emphases added)

One of the experts on the matter cited in her article included Clive Baldwin, an associate professor of social work at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, who has interviewed nearly 40 “transabled” persons. Baldwin also appeared on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on Sunday, in which he further explained the condition, which is also known as Body Alignment Integrity Disorder.

“[I]t’s usually a very specific disability that people want,” he said. “It might be an above left knee amputation, or a right below elbow amputation. Some people want to be paralyzed. They don’t want their legs to work.”

Baldwin said that he has spoken to one person who even expressed a desire to be blind.

It’s too absurd for words, but I’ve managed to come up with three: Lord, help them.

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  1. “Lord, help them.” I have long been saying, God help America; however, since He has been ‘kicked to the curb’ here, I am not sure He is listening.