Trump: Democrats Who Used to Support a Wall on the Border Changed Their Minds After I Was Elected President

In his live speech last night, President Donald Trump spoke about the “growing and humanitarian crisis and security crisis at our southern border.” He more than makes the case for people who want a stronger fortification to stop illegal border crossings.

As he said, this country welcomes millions of lawful immigrants, but we can’t afford the costs of illegal aliens. They drive down wages, and hardest hit are blacks and Hispanics. President Trump spoke of drugs smuggled across the border and crime rates. He spoke of the children — used as human pawns by gangs — brought across the border and the sexual assaults against women.

(There’s plenty of money for foreign aid but no money to protect our own border?)

The president said the government shutdown situation could be resolved in a 45-minute meeting.

Will Democrats rise above partisan politics for national security?

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One comment

  1. During his address to the Nation President Trump should have set up monitors to reference when talking about building a wall and shown clips of President Clinton, Senator Obama, President Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton and last but not least Senator Chuck Schumer exclaiming how the border must be secured to protect American Citizens.
    I would have like to see the reaction after America was made aware of how the Democrat Party has turned 180 degrees away from protecting its Citizens. Also I would like to have seen how the fake news media would have tried to spin it after hearing their “elite” a few years being in harmony with what President Trump states today.