Unbelievable: This Is What Planned Parenthood Considers Unfortunate

Kentucky’s pro-life governor, Matt Bevin, recently signed a bill into law that strengthens the state’s informed-consent abortion law. He also shut down and sued a Planned Parenthood clinic that operated without a license.

A group of black pro-lifers in Kentucky, which included pastors, held a press conference to support the governor’s actions and to condemn Planned Parenthood. Angela Minter, president and executive director of Sisters for Life, was featured on WHAS 11.

“Having abortions in our community and making it easily accessible, it undermines our community and it undermines the morals of our community…And they’re parading themselves as an instrument of good, but they are nothing more than a harbinger of death and a destroyer of life. They are a destroyer of morals and authentic community.”

Minter’s organization supports women regardless of race or ethnicity. Among other things, Sisters for Life does sidewalk counseling and hosts abstinence and parenting classes.

A lawyer for the abortion mill called it “unfortunate” that black pro-lifers are making a racial issue out of black women disproportionately killing their own children.

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  1. The logic to kill babies is so twisted, you realize how wicked, we, as a nation have become.

  2. Apparently PP’s attorneys are late to the game, as Margaret Sanger the founder of PP, made it a race issue from its beginning.