University of Missouri Police Department Asks Students to Turn In Dissenters

Sounds like something out of the former Soviet Union, doesn’t it?

The football team at the University of Missouri threatened to boycott the rest of its losing season if the school’s president didn’t resign. They and other students claimed he wasn’t responsive to their complaints of racial slights on campus. They got what they wanted. University President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin stepped down.

Have the “racist” incidents been substantiated? It doesn’t matter for the leftist narrative, and proof is apparently uninteresting. Worse than demanding resignations, however, is an e-mail the University of Missouri Police Department sent to students asking those “who witness incidents of hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions” to call the police. From the Washington Times:

Police asked students to provide a detailed description of the offender, their location or license plate number, and a photograph of the offender if possible.

In a statement to Mediaite, the police department confirmed that the email was real.

“We also work for the university and uphold the university’s rules and regulations,” a spokesman said.

The email comes after campus clashes between reporters and student activists who formed a “no media safe space” on Monday to prevent media access to protesters celebrating the resignations of Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Loftin.

The protesters tried to bar media coverage of a public protest as well, and a professor at the school, Melissa Click, called for “muscle” to have a student journalist removed.

This is what happens when a coddled generation has no memory of actual oppression in a country that’s fat, comfortable, and bored. It’s one thing for pampered students to want to shut down dissent. It’s quite another when law enforcement — government officials — indulge them.

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  1. Does their Gestapo wear brown or black shirts?

    • Let the football players quit, call their bluff, get tough for crying out loud, they would back down or not play. Time to stand up to all bullies, black, white, brown, yellow. To quote Col Ludlow, “screw em”

      • Exactly, call their bluff. Take away any and all financial assistance like scholarships, tuituion, housing, etc. Let’s see how fast these kids back down. Anyone have the courage to pursue that? I doubt it.

  2. Black people we don’t economically hit hard enough to hurt white people so…give it up…turn it loose.…stop trying to hurt the economy to punish America in order to show white people how valuable we are to them as slaves..

    It is a damn shame that us black people are so adolescent emotionally, sensitive and explosively impulsive that we can’t understand nor reason the basic premise of logic and reasoning to comprehend that money is only important to those that don’t have any money meaning black people nonetheless black people think we can hurt white people by economically boycotting, holding our breath, going on hunger strikes and crying foul to anyone that will listen while ignoring the fact that white people print the money, have the money, don’t use money and they grandly and graciously give away in tips and gifts while out to lunch what black people make in a year.

    Every time I look around I hear and see black people marching and shouting boycott the schools, boycott the stores, boycott the holidays, let’s punish America by hitting the white folks in the their economic pocket book. It is ignorance, plain, simple, unadulterated black ignorance to believe that we are hurting white people considering that white people don’t even use money…. they barter their services.

    If a white, Korean, Arab or a Spanish person wants a new roof put on their homes or business they simply find a roofing company and go directly to the owner because even though the owner does roofing the owner has needs also and no doubt may need his home rewired, new windows, furnace, air conditioning, plumbing or his driveway paved … so here’s the deal: you install me a new roof and I will rewire your home, put in new windows, install your furnace, air conditioning, plumbing or pave your driveway in return.

    Even in the worst possible scenario white people can go into the U.S. courts or to the country club golf course and have their friend, relative or fellow club member, judge, politician, council member or police friend settle any contract disputes, shortcomings, arguments or disputes quickly, quietly and off the record whereas black people we must pay for everything, every inch and every step of the way.

    We are the dumbest and stupidest race on the planet earth to believe that we can leverage our positions in America as slaves to economically affect white people while paying $3,000 or more a year in college tuition for our children that can’t even comprehend nor interpret a simple sentence….

    Take for example this latest fiasco with the University …..The college president …..“Resigned over mounting criticism from his handling of the situation.”.

    After taking out student loans and spending thousands of dollars each year on college tuition we are not intelligent enough nor are our children intelligent enough to deduce that we were already striking, boycotting, starving ourselves, whining and complaining…so …..where was the…. “mounting criticism from his handling of the situation.” coming from?….. It wasn’t coming from us.

    The mounting criticism from his handling of the situation was coming from public policy. Black people totally ignored and dismissed the one statement that removes all doubt as to why the college president resigned.

    Public policy mandates that the slave shall never rise above the slave master and when that happens the slave master is no longer fit to retain the title of slave master and public policy mandates and dictates that he or she must be removed because he or she lack the control over their slaves. The slave protest has disrupted the ordinary flow of business and brought shame and historical dishonor to bear upon the fine institution of slavery.

    Meanwhile black people in our ignorance are shouting, proclaiming and declaring victory as if there is pride and honor in leveraging our position as athletic slaves when nothing a slave accomplishes while under the supervision of the slave master is worthy of consideration, recognition, praise nor honor and that’s why everyday blue collar black people are slaving and paying through the nose for our children to rise above slavery by sending them to school to achieve academically but collective intelligence escapes young black college students to understand, comprehend or translate public policy as to why the president resigned and this is why …we are the most uneducated, educated, dumbest and stupidest race on the planet earth to be trying to wreck the economy to prove to the world and show white people how valuable we are to them as their slaves.

    We are the most uneducated, educated, dumbest and stupidest race on the planet earth to knowingly, willingly and with intent resist freedom by deliberately demoralizing, demonizing and sabotaging our own imagery and success by purposely seeing ourselves as valuable slaves to them and as ni##as among us.

    Pride goes before the fall so put down your pride and shame to come out of the closet of ignorance to exercise your right to learn, read and succeed.

    Open up a book to study, understand and comprehend that intelligence is the weapon of choice and use that intelligence to build, discover, invent and establish our own economic base whereas we don’t have to try and destroy what others have spent their time and given their lives to build just because we are to damn ignorant to own and have anything.

    • Black people should stop whining!!! If these students can’t handle the perceived racism on a college campus,they can expect a rude awakening when they start working in the “dog eat dog” world of corporate America. Racism is a reality in not only the U.S but the world in general. Asians, Hispanics and yes even Africans harbor racist attitudes and opinions about black Americans!!! These three groups are part of the latest wave of immigrants who like the Irish, Italians before are in direct competition with black Americans for jobs and other goods and services. In places like Silicon Valley and Wall Street there is but a remnant of blacks working for various firms. The Mizzou students need to get a clue and toughen up. They need to look at the big picture. If I were a black undergrad I would be deeply offended about the president’s resignation. He seemed to have only conceded after members of the losing football team decided to take a stand. I guess an ordinary student’s grievances don’t matter as much. The blacks say they don’t feel comfortable ir welcomed at the university. I say grow up. They need to put their experience in perspective to people like Booker T Washington and George Washington Carver former slaves who eventually obtained doctorate degrees. I could only imagine what their college experience was like in the days before the NAACP,affirmative action and before college varsity sports became cash cows for universities.