USA Swimming Official Resigns in Protest After UPenn Allows Male Swimmer to Compete Against (and Defeat) Women

Men have many physical advantages over women. They have superior upper-body strength. They tend to be taller and stronger than women. Men have greater lung capacity. They have larger hearts, bigger bones, less fat, and more muscles. Men are faster than women. Their reflexes are quicker. And on and on.

Taking testosterone suppressants doesn’t change these facts.

So who in their right mind believes it’s fair for men to compete with women in tests of strength, speed, and endurance? Not people like Cynthia Millen, who recently resigned from her role as a USA swimming official after 30 years because the University of Pennsylvania has allowed a man pretending to be a woman to compete in events against women.

On Fox News, Millen said that USA Swimming recognizes that boys swim differently than girls. These differences are accentuated when girls and boys start puberty.

“Boys will always have larger lung capacity, larger hearts, greater circulation, a bigger skeleton, and less fat.”

Millen said girls are hit with a “double whammy” when they start puberty, with breasts and hips and periods. Because their centers of gravity are different, they essentially have to learn to swim all over again.

Bodies compete against bodies, Millen said. Identities don’t compete against identities.

All of this doesn’t even need to be said. Everyone knows it’s political posturing, and it’s patently absurd to deny biology. We can start rejecting the indoctrination by setting the frame: don’t refer to men as “she” or “her,” and don’t use the word “transgender.”

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One comment

  1. Good for Coach Millen! I hope she is hired by a university that has some common sense and doesn’t allow this destruction of women’s sports.

    “Leah” may have long hair, but he’s obviously a boy and should not be competing against biological females.