Vetting Refugees? Here's What Sheriff David Clarke Has to Say

Sheriff David Clarke recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the recent Muslim terrorist attacks and the threat Muslim terrorists impose on Americans.

James Comey, FBI director, said the agency wasn’t aware of credible threats on U.S. soil, though the FBI is watching people with terrorist ties. The sheriff said President Barack Obama still doesn’t have a sense of urgency. The country will have to deal with this issue “on the fly, because the wolf is at the door.”

Sheriff Clarke said he has a lot of respect for Comey, but the homeland is under threat.

“We need to do a better job with our intelligence, because that’s where we’re going to make it difficult for the terrorists to penetrate our defenses here at home.”

Doing this won’t make it impossible for terrorists to strike, because the U.S. is a “target-rich environment,” but we can improve security.

Americans are getting mixed messages about the threat. Mayor Bill de Blasio, for example, is telling people not to be afraid. Do what you think is right to protect yourselves, the sheriff said. 

Host Charles Payne said that the Paris sites seem like soft targets for Islamic terrorists, “indiscriminate targets.” Is it a sign of desperation or a new page in their playbook? They’ve gone from toppling the World Trade Center towers to shooting up cafes.

Sheriff Clarke is critical of so-called vetting. “There’s nothing to vet [Syrian refugees] against. So when I hear the White House and the federal government saying we’re going to carefully vet these people, it’s nonsense, because there’s no database.”

Should we stop Syrian refugees coming here altogether? Watch the brief clip for more.

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