Victory for Truth: Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College — Watch Cure America Episode 84

Every so often, in what seems like a never-ending assault on our basic values and the rule of law, good news will emerge. This week on Cure America with Star Parker, we cover the good news emerging from Ohio, where an appeals court upheld a decision against the left-wing activism of Oberlin College, its administration officials, and its students against the mom-and-pop shop, Gibson’s Bakery.

Along with our regular legal and policy expert panelists, Jonathan Alexandre and Richard Manning, we hear from Teresa Manning, Policy Director of the National Association of Scholars (NAS), as she highlights the data research NAS has done in documenting the liberal takeover of college faculty and the impact its having on our nation’s youth.

We’re also joined by former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, now President of the Young America’s Foundation, who shares with us the work they are doing to restore the instruction and inspiration of our nation’s basic and foundational values on our college campuses.

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  1. Keep exposing. Keep fighting. Keep speaking. Do NOT back down. God Bless the Gibson family standing up for their rights. God Bless Star and CURE for their continued voice in this battle for the soul of our country and the souls of all young people in our colleges and those who do not decide to go that path. Many are now deciding not to and some of it may have to do with your discussion here. IF they do decide to go, more and more should head to places like Hillsdale College and other ones that are promoting and protecting what is left of our God fearing society. Sadly, there are not many, but we must speak with our dollars and when attendance falls at these woke institutions, then the message will be made.