Voters Will Also Decide on These Issues Next Tuesday

gunrightsshirtDonald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Next Tuesday, we’ll know the answer. For better or for worse, one of those people will lead the country for the next four years.

What other issues are on ballots across the country?

Religion News Service has compiled a list of state-level issues also awaiting the vote.

Voters in several states will decide whether to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. Four states have gun control measures on the ballot. Voters in four states will choose whether to raise the minimum wage (though none as high as $15), and three states might see their death penalty repeals stricken down. An excerpt:

In California, almost 30 different religious groups support a death penalty repeal, while in Nebraska, celebrity Christian author Shane Claiborne has spoken in support of retaining a repeal of the death penalty at anti-death penalty events.

In Oklahoma, clergy want to see a “no” vote on Question 776, which would reverse the state’s current death penalty repeal, put in place after several botched executions.

Voters in Oklahoma will decide whether to repeal a provision of the state constitution that bars religious organizations from using taxpayers’ money. Another state will decide on the question of whether doctors can “assist” patients with under six months to live kill themselves.

The D.C. Council, which opposes law-abiding residents protecting their lives with guns, this week pushed through an “assisted suicide” measure to make sure those same residents can “die with dignity.”

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  1. None of the other issues being voted on will matter if the election is stolen for the mass murderer, career criminal and pedophile Hillary Clinton.