Walter Hoye: Being Pro-Life Means Being Pro-Child and Pro-Future

Death, decay, and destruction are all around, and it takes resilience and perseverance to remain hopeful regarding the future of our nation. In the streets of cities like Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and Baltimore, countless lives are lost with each passing day as children fall prey to gun violence, human trafficking, addiction, and abortion. Every life —  every single one — is valuable. These lives are not valuable because they are Black lives or White lives or Hispanic lives or immigrant lives. They’re valuable because each child holds the potential to make a positive impact in the world.

We are made poorer each day by their life’s loss.

So often the argument for the sanctity of life focuses only on the child who lives at the mercy of his or her mother. There is so much more at stake. The sanctity of life goes further to recognize that children have value before they are born and from the moment they take their first breath. They are valuable because they retain the same quality that makes each of us valuable; they are a person. As a person, they have the power to make a difference that enhances the world they live in and the opportunity to be shaped and influenced by those with whom they are blessed to share their lives.

From the moment of conception, life is worth defending. From the moment a child enters our schools, our communities, our places of worship, and our spaces of influence, leaders, men, and women of character and responsibility must arise and protect that life.

Being pro-life isn’t only about the nine months each person spends in the womb. It’s also about the value for life that supports children at every age, whether nine years or nineteen years, joyfully encouraging and cautiously guiding each person to fulfill their unique potential. If we focus on the first nine months alone, we are myopic and miss the point of our journey.

We’re here to impact others and to be graciously impacted, yielding to the positive effect of growing together as lights of hope in the midst of dark times and dark cities. While predators roam and systems fail, our children need advocates who will champion their cause and raise a rallying cry that asserts that their lives are valuable and worth protecting at every stage.

For the children who have perished, we mourn. But for those who grow in the wombs of their mothers and those who play in our neighborhoods and learn in our schools, let us be vigilant to care for them, lead them, influence them, and most of all, show them by our gracious example that their life is important today and for the future.


The Issues4Life Foundation

This is the August 2019 edition of the Issues4Life Foundation‘s Pro-Life|Pro-Family Initiative video series. The series is based upon the biblical model for both life and family. Jamie and Tiffany Wells (husband and wife) are the initiative’s representatives. Understanding that God is the author of life, this initiative promotes the sanctity of all human life (and in particular, life in the womb) along with the blessings of family based on the biblical definition of marriage.

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Dr. Ashley W. Harrell serves as our Pro-Life|Pro-Family Initiative Director. Ashley is an educator and leader whose commitment to the next generation spans throughout her professional career as a teacher, administrator, and non-profit ministry leader.

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  1. Walter Hoye II has some profound thoughts about “from womb to tomb” philosophy of life. More people should adhere to this resolve.