Walter Hoye: Planned Parenthood Is A Monster

Blacks are 12-14 percent of the U.S. population but account for 28 percent of all abortions.

“Planned Parenthood is supported by black Democratic leadership in high places,” Issues4Life¬†Foundation founder and president Walter Hoye said.

Watch the brief clip for more shocking numbers.

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  1. Wrong it’s 40 % for blacks 40% hespanic s 20% whites . The abortions are distorying the our population numbers down to depopalation levels.
    Once the death rate is higher then birth rates
    Black n starte falling in large numbers creates a
    Bad inbalance black brown white should be equal
    There are much more older folks now no one to wear there shoes. Killing these babies is wrong on so many levels. Wake the hell up!

    • I read some time back , that more black babies were murdered under PPH then were BORN in NY city !
      where is the outrage ??
      so thankful he put this video out there..
      we need more Black pastors to speak against PPH !
      Christians vote dem .. they are killing their own .