WATCH: Al Sharpton, of the Tawana Brawley Hoax, Has Spent Years Misguiding Black Americans

Deneen Borelli of the Conservative Review had some good things to say about actor Denzel Washington. Al Sharpton, on the other hand…

She said the race-hustling Sharpton has spent years misguiding blacks — from defending then 15-year-old Tawana Brawley, who perpetrated a hoax, falsely claiming that white police officers and a prosecutor raped her, smeared her with feces, and wrote racial slurs on her body in charcoal —  to the “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative. He blames “racism” for black men going to prison at a disproportionate rate.

Washington, on the other hand, sees the problem differently. Family stability plays a big role. The majority of black babies are born into unmarried homes. These children are effectively fatherless, and they’re at higher risk of ending up in prison.

Borelli concludes this clip with more real talk about Al Sharpton.

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  1. Sharpton was nothing but a street corner hustler. He used the banner of the civil rights movement to champion his own cause of gaining money and power for Al. Using the media Sharpton was able to get the black community and liberals believe that he was their savior. He and Jesse Jackson learned the game of “black mailing” major companies out of money, given to them, by threats of boycotts. The black community needs to remove Sharpton from the pedestal and treat him for what he is a common street hustler.
    On the other hand Mister Washington is right on, he destruction of the family, poverty, no chance for a decent education prevent most youth from succeeding and getting out of the vicious cycle of poverty. The black community needs to embrace people like Denzel Washington and Star Parker who tell it like it is and offer options to a life of poverty.

  2. Ahh, Al “The Sharpie” Sharpton. I believe that when he shed that extra 100 pounds or so, it affected more drastically his already affected mind. Why he is given ANY forum to continue his race baiting, by the media, tells you he is not the only one interested in keeping the race dissension alive and well in America! Sadly, Ms. Borelli and Mr. Washington are two of too few, in the black community, addressing “causative issues” with our family structure today. The following are the sad statistics, in ALL communities, over the past fifty-odd years:

    In 1960, barely 2 percent of all American children, from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, lived with a never married parent. By 2008, 41 percent of black children, 18 percent of Hispanic children, and 7 percent of white children lived in a home with an unmarried parent.

    Over this same period of time, from 1960 to 2008, the percentage of white adults that are married dropped from 74 percent to 56 percent, Hispanic adults from 72 percent to 50 percent, and black adults from 61 percent to 32 percent. Since that “legislating from the bench” SCOTUS decree in ’73, Americans have killed the equivalent of entire populations of several ‘countries’ through abortion – 61 million and counting.

    America’s incarceration numbers are a “light in the darkness of false reasoning,” for everyone to see that will see: Over 70% of the people America has in its prisons populations grew up without a father in the home! All the race hustlers continue to foment our race division by preaching the “disproportionate imprisonment of blacks,” while intentionally failing to mention the “disproportionate,” by ethnic population, crimes they commit. As noted by Mr. Washington, crimes, being committed due to a failed family structure, and that finding a father figure on the streets!