WATCH: Are Liberals Afraid of Dr. Ben Carson?

Are liberals shocked that a black conservative is at the top of the polls? Star Parker recently appeared on Fox News to comment on Dr. Ben Carson’s position among the Republican candidates.

Black Americans are supposed to be Democrats, according to the liberal narrative. Star said a third of blacks “keep telling pollsters that they are evangelical and conservative. So it doesn’t fit the narrative of the left that the Republican party is rich, old white men. And they keep finding this diversity. Not just black men and black women, but also white women…and young people.”

What is Dr. Carson doing right that’s drawing such support?

The polling shows that people believe something is wrong in our society. Conservatives are looking for someone they can trust. Dr. Carson is “the picture of America,” Star added. You can start with nothing and become successful “and keep your integrity.”

Will Dr. Carson be able to sway some black liberal voters to change direction? Watch the brief clip for more.

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One comment

  1. No such “liberal narrative” exists,

    And Ben Carson has no integrity.

    Edited to remove name-calling.