Watch: Bobby Jindal Asked If 'Anchor Baby' Is Offensive And Immediately Flips The Script

As Republican presidential candidates discuss the hot-button issue of immigration reform, those who favor a firm stance in response to illegal aliens are facing a new rhetorical challenge from the left.

The term “anchor baby” has often been used derisively to describe children born to illegal immigrants and afforded citizenship under current interpretation of the 14th Amendment. Donald Trump, perhaps the most outspoken GOP contender on the issue, has promised that his administration would work to determine whether such kids should actually be afforded such constitutional consideration.

Beyond the ostensible merits of their positions, however, several in the field have faced pointed questions after Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton declared use of the aforementioned phrase offensive.

Among the latest to face such an inquiry was Bobby Jindal, who appeared on Fox News Thursday with host Bill Hemmer.

Hemmer asked his guest whether, like Clinton, he finds the phrase “anchor baby” offensive, opting instead to simply call them babies.

“What I find offensive is Hillary Clinton, the left,” he replied. “When you look at those Planned Parenthood videos, they refuse to call them babies. They call it fetal tissue. They call it specimens. That is what’s offensive.”

Jindal went on to describe the backlash his decision to cut Medicaid funding for the controversial organization has sparked. In responding to pro-abortion activists protesting in his state, he shared his plan of action.

“What we’re going to do is display those Planned Parenthood videos so people are reminded of that grotesque language,” he said. “What’s really offensive if the left refused to say ‘babies.’ Instead, they say fetal tissue, specimens.”

Are you offended by the term ‘anchor baby’? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. in today’s world the political correctness has stopped us from calling things what they are. Abortion is murder – undocumented immigrant is illegal immigrant – baby of illegal immigrant is anchor baby

  2. No, it’s what they are. In Canada they call them “passport babies.” We also have a term for marriage called “green card marriage.” Why are we so quick to jump on the defensive, if HC doesn’t like term she doesn’t have to use it.

  3. So proud of Jindal for sticking to his guns and defending ALL life. To think simple words are offensive but the slaughter and sale of baby parts is not offensive!?! This is not a women’s rights issue. It’s a human one. Those are human babies. That’s science. Way to go Governor!

  4. MaryLena Anderegg

    The only reason the left is offended by the term “anchor babies” is because it shines a light on illegal immigration that they have supported and encouraged for decades.

  5. Everett Hamilton

    I find the entire meme of the left and MSM offensive when the best argument they can up with is this P.C. Garbage. Make your argument on the substance and stop acting like a spoiled brat.

  6. I find UNplanned MURDERhood offensive as they commit CRIMES against HUMANITY!!! They are the ISIS NAZIS of OUR minority communities!! The VILE EVIL DEMON that started it would want to see the fake black in the WH dead because she HATED BROWN people and she was close to the KKK…..which was full of DEMONcrats!!! Let’s remember our history CORRECTLY and not make CRAP up like the lying muslem in the WH who claims his brotherhood was part of OUR history, UH NO! We were founded by CHRISTIANS and the constitution is based on GOD’s word…..period.

  7. Well said, Governor Jindal. Very well said. Maybe we should refer to the anchor babies as “illegal alien fetal tissue”. Illegal aliens all need to be deported and jobs given to American citizens.

    • I don’t think children from parents who are illegal in this country should be automatic citizens? Anchor baby is not offensive. It is a term used to say what they are. If their parents are illegal, they should be too as they shouldn’t even be here? People should come into this country legally as our laws are set up. This is nothing against any foreign peoples (as human beings and people) but every country has laws pertaining to who should be allowed to enter or reside or become citizens of that country. It’s a matter of what is right and what is lawful. JMHO