WATCH: Calling for a Revival

Fifty-four years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his famous “I have a dream” speech, in which he hoped one day his children would be judged by their character rather than their race.

Unfortunately, the government still judges individuals by their race. So-called affirmative action, a euphemism for racial discrimination in the name of “diversity,” is practiced in government institutions, such as college and university admissions.

King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, prayed on the anniversary of her uncle’s speech at a rally for President Donald Trump in Phoenix on Monday. Dr. Ben Carson, HUD secretary, introduced her.

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  1. We do need a revival in our country, a great revival. I pray God will send a revival soon. I’m not certain if the sad tragedy in Texas is “shock therapy” that leads to revival but maybe it will lead those who do not know Jesus Christ as savior to turn to Him. This world we live in has a landlord and I am certain He is not pleased with us. Praying for people affected by the storm in the Houston area.

    • There is a 2-minute video of spontaneous Gospel singing at a Hurricane Harvey shelter (Houston/Conroe, TX). The lead singer (no music) “shakes the world” as she calls on King Jesus to send revival. PLEASE find that video (already 10 million views) and post it on BCN.

  2. Here is Victoria White, singing in the shelter: