WATCH: Lt. Col. Allen West on Obama's 'Love' for America

Lt. Col. Allen West addressed the reaction to former mayor Rudy Giuliani’s remark that he doesn’t believe President Barack Obama loves America. He reminded us that the president lied about people being able to keep their doctors under Obamacare, an expensive and unpopular new government program. The president said nothing in defense of Americans when Eric Holder called us a “nation of cowards” because some Americans won’t talk about race the way he thinks we should.

These and other examples would lead one to believe the president has an animus toward the “fundamental values and principles of the United States of America.”

(video via Western Journalism)

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  1. I think it is time to call for IMPEACHMENT of O’Bama. He has abused the American people long enough.
    Anyone want to lead the charge? If I could, I WOULD!